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Update - Thursday, July 21, 2011[edit]

Skill Changes[edit]


  • Changed functionality to: "Each rank in Mysticism reduces the cost of your Dervish enchantments by 4%. In PvE, you have +1 armor per rank of Mysticism while you are enchanted."




  • Fevered Dreams (PvP) Fevered Dreams (PvP): removed application of Dazed.
  • Mind Wrack (PvP) Mind Wrack (PvP): split for PvP; changed functionality to: "For 5...40 seconds, whenever this foe is the target of one of your non-hex Mesmer skills, that foe loses 1 Energy. If the target foe's Energy drops to 0, Mind Wrack ends and that foe takes 15...100 damage."

Feature Changes[edit]

Guild Wars Wiki notes[edit]