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This suggestion is still being worked on, comments and further suggestions are appreciated

I'm not trying to play developer here or anything, but here is a rough concept for the Menzies encounter in the Fissure of Woe (if that is an idea Anet is planning, which they really should!)

The concept is similar to Dhuum, involving the necessity to complete all or many of the tasks in the FoW in order to unlock the encounter and finish the elite area, as well as a boss with unique monster skills. I am going a step further, however, incorporating additional aspects to the encounter in order to prevent gimmicks, speed clears, hyper-power-own-pwn teams or Menzies farming.

Menzies will be a hammer warrior with eight monster skills, with the following properties:

  • Conditions and hexes last half of their full duration, except Blind, Weakness and (maybe) Cripple which cannot be applied at all.
  • A sort-of absurd amount of health and armor
  • Menzies will deal 2x weapon damage, meaning 38 - 70 base damage instead of 19 - 35, with criticals scaled accordingly.
  • Menzies will reduce knockdown durations by the default knockdown time (I believe it's one second).
  • His skills cannot be disabled or given a longer recharge.

Menzies uses the following skills, more are in the works. Better names are always appreciated:

Boss skills should be designed in a way that forces players to prepare for the encounter in ways that rule out gimmickway team builds. I'm pretty sure this is a hard thing to do, and I'm pretty sure the skills I offered here don't achieve this perfectly, so it's just a little creativity to go along with the suggestion.

"YANP!" and Bastion of the Fallen God require the players to seek out certain things before the encounter by completing FoW tasks. To survive the shout, players will need to earn a temporary blessing. Bastion will negate any fatal damage unless the damage is dealt by a player wielding a certain weapon. These weapons are acquired temporarily in the FoW, and are green rarity with predetermined stats. There will be one of every weapon, maybe with sets of each to give players further choice in builds, but with this we can filter out any stats that might contribute to gimmicks, like +20% for Shadow Form.