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A Finale is an event that occurs near the end of a Festival, to cap off the event. Finales occur every three hours, starting at 12:01 AM Pacific Time (07:01 or 08:01 UTC depending on daylight saving time) and ending with a final event at 12:01 AM the following day. Higher numbered districts will start later than lower numbered districts, and finales in Kamadan start 15 minutes later than the corresponding districts in Lion's Arch.

There are four Festival event finales that occur anually:

Canthan New Year[edit]

Players must help chefs in Shing Jea Monastery to prepare a feast for the year's Celestial Animal. Each successful meal increases the quantity of Red Gift Bags and Celestial Summoning Stones granted.

Dragon Festival[edit]

Emperor Kiso visits Shing Jea Monastery, and asks the Celestial Dragon for help fending off the attacking "Torment creatures." Players must compete with "Grasps of Insanity" to gather Celestial Charges around the Monastery. Each Celestial Charge returned grants a Festival Prize, and victory grants additional prizes for several minutes afterwards.


Main article: Halloween/Finale

The Mad King returns to Tyria, to torment and delight the people of both Lion's Arch and Kamadan. Mad King Thorn will issues commands and play a variety of games with players, granting Trick-or-Treat Bags and Gamer points as prizes for winning.


Main article: Wintersday/Finale

Avatars of Dwayna and Grenth visit Lion's Arch and Kamadan, to battle over the coming end of Winter. Participating in this contest grants Wintersday Gifts and Lucky points. A Grenth victory will result in murderous Grentches running around, killing anyone they touch. Players will receive gifts for several minutes afterwards, regardless of which god reigns supreme.