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Aegis Organization [GATE]

Aegis Organization [GATE]
Guild Aegis Organization cape.jpg
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP/PvE
No. of members ~20
Guild Hall Isle of Weeping Stone

The Aegis Organization is a fairly small guild created by former members of [CMEZ] in 2005. We are a guild of casual players who play just for fun and not for competition. Our activities range from exploration to PvP battles.


We always welcome active players of all kinds. As long as you're not a scammer and you're fairly active in Guild Wars we welcome you to join our guild. We'll help you to the best of our abilities and try to be your friends. As long as you behave in a reasonable manner you'll get along just fine in our guild. If you'd like to join just Whisper us in game or post in the Recruitment Forum.


Currently the Aegis Organization is affiliated with the Aegis Organization Alliance. The current guilds within the alliance are Aegis Organization [GATE] and Balmung Organization [SKY]. If any guilds would like to join the alliance then please contact the guild leader in game.

Contact information

Forums: Aegis Organization Forum

In game

  • Leader
    • Ami Muse
  • Officers
    • Kimchee Mc Gee
    • Karasu Otoha
    • Butch Mc Butcherson
    • Jenn Tei Li
    • Odessa Arvinces
    • Sajah Muse
    • Faith Hope Lehane
    • Held Hostage

Aegis Organization Alliance
Leader Aegis Organization
Members Balmung Organization