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Band of thee Black Hand [BBH]

Band Of Thee Black Hand [BBH]
Guild Band Of Thee Black Hand cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Torvarren Zasserty
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 90
Guild Hall Corrupted Isle
VoIP Vent

We are waiting for Guild Wars 2. Exhausted Guild Wars 1. Hope to see our guild mates again. You could call us Band of thee Black and Blue Hand. (or Band of thee Bruising Hand) Since there are no alliances in Guild Wars 2, we will be merging w/ the KO (X Knock Out X) Guild.


Member Requirements

  • Being Active and Friendly.
  • Must have factions campaign
  • We are also gathering players of other interests such as elite area completions, Vanquishes and HM activies. If you are intrested in joining BBH contact one of these officers and we'll work it out.

Officer Requirements

  • Minimum 1 Month active in the Guild or previously active in Blue Hand.
  • Ventrilo
  • Active on alliance website
  • Must be active in the guild and participate in guild and alliance activities.
  • Help recruit by whispering leader or officers names of those wanting to join.
  • Donate to the alliance
    • donate factions to increase guild and alliance rep
    • donate goods to the alliance auction
    • donate time to helping your fellow alliance members


Guild Rules

  • We have no faction donation requirement. All donations are optional.
  • Do not give our guild a bad name. Anything you do while wearing our cape and tag reflects on our guild and the alliance.
  • Pay it forward. If someone helps you out do the same and help someone in turn.
  • No begging, spamming, scamming, cursing on Alliance Chat
  • No griefing alliance members. If you have problems with someone put them on ignore.
  • You can be kicked for being inactive 2 weeks. We desire to maintain an active guild that can help each other and live up to our commitments to the alliance. If you are going to be AFK for more than 2 weeks you need to let the leader or an officer know and post an AFK notice on the alliance web site. If you do get kicked for being inactive you are welcome to rejoin us if room is available so keep the leader or officers names in your friends list.
  • Use the tools we provide. The alliance web page and vent keep the alliance working together as a team. Players who actively use vent and the website will always have help and promotion priority over those who do not.
  • If you are going to leave the guild at least tell the leader or an officer why you are leaving and give us a chance to make things right.
  • Have fun!

Contact information

Above and Beyond Duty Alliance
Leader Above and Beyond Duty
Members Band of thee Black Hand [BBH]Dirty Angels Go To Hell [HELL] X Knock Out X [KO]