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Der Zenit Des Equinox [MFoD]

Der Zenit Des Equinox [MFoD]
Guild Der Zenit Des Equinox Cape.PNG
Territory Europe
Language German
Faction Kurzick
Type GvG
No. of members ~20
Guild Hall Frozen Isle
VoIP Team Speak
Forums [1]
Time zone GMT+1

Founded shortly after GuildWars release, MFoD was a PvE only Guild with a couple of guys who met in the world of Tyria. After some months MFoD tried to fight their first GvG matches... and failed terribly. One year later, after several visits in the tombs, the guild tried it again and never gave up. Today MFoD is a german rank 400+ PvP/GvG-Guild with a 3000+ matches experience.

However due to certain "reallife issues" like work, family and general absence, our GvG roster changes daily and we are often struggling to play 3 times a week with a full guild team. Hence we are frequently found to be playing with at least 2 guests or to be smurfing with our second guild:


Our long term goal is to establish ourselves in the automated tournaments. We consider the rank unimportant but still aim to the top 200 range to escape the "lame" (ergo a build that relies on more than 1 hero) builds that are encountered in the regions below.


  • Martin (Spawnie Pvp)
Midline, Frontline


  • Erik (I Yandar I)
Frontline, Midline
  • Jan (A U R E O L E)
Frontline, Midline
  • Ingo (Tagon Daishi)
Ranger, Midline
  • André (Free Zey)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Rocky (Rocky Rock)
as the best monk we ever had
  • Björn no. 1 (Jen Gelfing)
as legendary runner, ranger and spartaway-trapper
  • Thomas (Sorrow Baudin)
as always stoned, absolutely imba, one-hit-one-kill, one-man-army warrior and "Isnogud"
  • Felix (Esper Spirit)
as legendary theorycrafter
  • Olli (I Shatalein I)
as "Kleiner Zuhälter"
  • Daniel (Gaeth Geis)
as "El Optico"
  • Kenny (Sha Hiri)
as "he who prongs his backyard"
  • Lumi (Lumi Dae)
as the one who pwned his own guildmates just with IWAY and henchmen
  • Micha (Savenna Artorius)
altough you joined us for a rather brief time we learned a lot from you, thank you for your patience with us
  • Björn no. 2 (Elara Morai Trieu)
Although i didn't play with some of you i thank you guys for shaping the guild and its members into what we are today.
See you in GW 2 !


We are currently recruiting. In case of interest please refer to our forums.

Contact information


The official rank and history can be found here.

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