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Guild Diabolic Mercenaries Red Skull.jpgDiabolic Mercenaries [Dmrc]

Diabolic Mercenaries [DMrc]
Guild Diabolic Mercenaries cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Darque Raithe
Type PvE
No. of members 3
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead
VoIP Xfire

Diabolic Mercenaries [DMrc] is a PvE Guild that was formed on April 4th 2008. We adventure together and assist one another in the persuit of completing all the missions. Currently all the guild members are American players who play during the evenings, late night and on weekends.


We are open for recruitment. We currently are an American guild, but have no objections to expanding internationally. Please contact the guild leader or any of the officers.


Guild Leader:

Necromancer.pngDarque - Email: Mark.Kochanowski @ | Xfire:


Necromancer.pngDead O Mancer
Ranger.pngGraywarden Tigre


Ranger.pngDervish Metrica

Guild Hall

DMrc's guild hall is Isle of the Dead.

Services Added
Platinum.png Xunlai Agent Yes
Red Dye.png Dye Trader No
Tanned Hide Square.png Crafting Material Trader No
Glob of Ectoplasm.png Rare Material Trader No
Rune Vigor Sup.png Rune Trader No
Scroll of Berserker's Insight.png Scroll Trader No
Signet of Capture.jpg Skill Trainer No
Main PvP.png Priest of Balthazar No
Expert Salvage Kit.png Merchant No
Guildwiki-icon-small.png Weaponsmith Yes
GuildHallIcon.png Guild Emblemer No
GuildHallIcon.png Canthan Ambassador No
Yule Cap.png Festival Hat Keeper No