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Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP]

Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP]
Guild Everlasting Sacred Path Cape.jpg
Territory International
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE, PvP, RP
No. of members 160+
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle
VoIP Ventrillo
Forums ESP Forums
Time zone CST, GMT -6

About ESP

Guild ESP Logo.png

The Everlasting Sacred Path Guild entered the realm of Guild Wars on June 18th, 2005. Since that time we have grown into a large gaming community that has enjoyed a consistent and dedicated membership with a strong sense of camaraderie. We were honored as a 'Guild of The Week' by Arenanet back in November of 2006. While we are a large guild, our primary focus is still upon maintaining familiarity and cooperation among all guild members. We limited our growth so that it occurred slowly over time and we interview all potential recruits to help make sure they will interact well within our community. We also maintain an active forum and vent server. While it is not officially required that members utilize our forums and vent, it is strongly encouraged as it helps to foster the sort of family atmosphere that we desire.

We maintain a high level of activity by hosting a variety of weekly and yearly events for our guild and our alliance. While our primary focus in Guild Wars is PvE, we do explore all arenas within the game, from starter quests and missions to elite PvE areas and from Random Arenas and Alliance Battles up to GvG and Heroes' Ascent. Every other week we host an Alliance Meeting which all alliance members are welcome to attend so that we may discuss our current events and make any adjustments as needed. It is also a time where people may air out any concerns that they may have if there are any. After each meeting we celebrate with a Giveaway where people may roll the dice to win cool prizes.

In 2011 we expanded our guild to include The Hidden Nexus. Members of the original guild and Nexus are all considered [ESP] members and we all utilize the same web site and vent. We created this expansion in order to get around the 100-member cap on guilds and also to have two guild halls to utilize for our GvG activities.

Our members are always at the ready to band together and embark upon the next quest or to assist those who are in need of reliable companions. The Everlasting Sacred Path stands to foster trust and honor in a realm that is so often marked by uncertainty.


Requests to join the guild should be posted here on the ESP Forums. You may also get in touch with a member of the guild leadership if you have any questions. We will contact you in order to set up a quick meeting if you are being considered for membership.

Contact information

Guild Leader: Karuna Vajra
Guild Council: Burjis The Fallen, Anraya Spirit, River Willow, Jonney Bearmeat, Fia Nightingale, Araiia Artifice, Ryssandra Luella, Irisenna Sairos
Guild Officers: Nymphadora Oakleaf, Malganis Frostmourn, Gemini Jusa, Lil Missy Hyper, Sinful Revelations

Weekly Events

Monday: Zmondays! - A Monday afternoon event to focus on the daily Zaishen Challenges - 12pm central
Wednesday: Wednesday Madcaps - An event that varies between HA and Elite Mission Areas - 3pm central
Thursday: Open for Scrimmages, Heroes' Ascent, GvG - 8pm central
Friday: Drunks n Dungeons - EotN Dungeon Crawls - 8pm central
Every Other Saturday: Guild Meeting - 7pm, Alliance Giveaway - 8pm ~ A bi-weekly meeting to discuss things together as an alliance, and a Giveaway where you can win great prizes
Other Events TBA weekly, held by both ESP and other guilds within the alliance

Rules and Standards

Guild members and those wishing to be considered for membership agree to the following rules and standards of conduct.

We are an 18+ Guild. No exceptions
Treat others within the guild and alliance with respect -- the way that you would prefer to be treated. Racial, ethnic, and religious insults will never be tolerated.
If a conflict ever does arise between you and another guild/alliance member we ask that you first try to sort the issue out yourselves, in private. If this fails then please contact a member of the guild leadership so that we may look in to the matter and take the appropriate steps.
Refrain from using excessive vulgar language in Guild/Alliance chat. Use your common sense regarding this rule.
While you are out in the various areas of Guild Wars, act as a representative of the guild and conduct yourself in a way that reflects our standards.
Guild members should be able to log in at the bare minimum of once per month. Anyone who is inactive without notice for a longer time frame will be removed from the guild and will have to reapply should they wish to return.
We are a guild that enjoys providing assistance to our members. However, please understand that prior commitments may at times prevent people from being able to respond immediately. Persistent begging or whining will be taken as grounds for dismissal from the guild

See Also

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The Everlasting Sacred Path continues on as a Guild Wars 2 Guild on the Tarnished Coast Server. See our forums for more details.

Everlasting Sacred Path Alliance
Leader Everlasting Sacred Path
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