Guild:Forbidden Rage Of God

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Guild:Forbidden Rage Of God[FRoG]

Forbidden Rage Of God [FRoG]
Guild Forbidden Rage Of God cape.jpg
Territory America
Leader Excrucio Metus
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 17
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle
Forums FRoG
About Us

We're Friendly and pretty laid back people who just like to have fun. We are a very small guild atm but are trying to change that. However we don't want to get TOO big because that just makes more room for drama which we do not like here.

Celestial Sword.png

Recruitment is open to anyone who enjoys the game, and is looking to get in on a guild from the ground up. Come On In and Join the Gang!!!

  • We are members of a very friendly guild and we help each other out on a daily basis.
  • Currently, were looking for people that are friendly, mature and active.
Contact Information

Guild Leader:

  • Excrucio Metus

Guild Officers:

  • Kekashi Hatake
  • Reon Hayabusa
  • Faith June
  • Gabriel Fallen One
  • Alena Fey

Guild Website:


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Leader The Monstrous Fangs
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