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Gee To Da Gee Cuz Ganksta Is [LaZy] is a guild for players whose focus is on PvP. We are dedicated to improving our members' ability to have fun. We do this by playing every day, learning to play better every day, and passing on what we have learned to our guildies. We prefer organized, coordinated play, including, but not limited to, GvG, HA, and Codex Arena.

Gee To Da Gee Cuz Ganksta Is [LaZy]
Guild Gee To Da Gee Cuz Ganksta Is cape.jpg
Territory International
Faction Luxon
Type PvP
No. of members 540 (guild+alliance)
Guild Hall Multiple
VoIP Ventrilo

The Guilds of LaZy Nation [LaZy]

What is LaZy Nation?

First and foremost our guild is about friendship; bringing people together who share the same commitment and passion in playing Guild Wars. It is about the creation and operation of an on-line global gaming community in which its members take considerable pride being part of. It is about the continual evolution of every member’s technical skills and competencies in the game. All of our members are proud of the guild, and to be part of it. Chances are you have seen a few LaZy members in various outposts throughout the game. We are different; we are unique in our vision, our values, our approach to leading and managing a guild, even our culture is unlike any other guild in the game.

The Guilds of LaZy Nation is the largest adult mega-guild in the world of Guild Wars. It’s called “mega-guild” because the LaZy Alliance (also referred to as LaZy Nation, alliance or guild) is comprised of Luxon & Kurzick guilds lead by the same individual: one person with a lot of game accounts accessing the leadership position of each guild represented in both alliances. The alliances and guilds share the same dedicated approach to leadership, policies, operations, and coaching/mentoring of its officers. Thus all guilds function as one single mega guild.

Secondly, and more importantly, The Guilds of LaZy Nation is a global gaming community. With over 1,500 active members from 25 different countries, LaZy spans the four corners of the world. With such global presence the alliance is filled with active members: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, who are on-line and gaming. No matter what time zone you live in - chances are we have active members from your area in our guild.

Each of the guilds have the same cape and tag: [LaZy], only their individual guild names are different. Members from both alliances share the same resources with each other: Ventrilo, Web Portal, Forums including content and knowledge.

Our History and One Vision

The History and Future of the Nation we call LaZy

The history of LaZy began with the parent LaZy Guild being created in July, 2006. From there additional guilds were started in the months that followed. Today there are thirteen (13) guilds that form our 2 LaZy Alliances. These guilds are very unique and they share a common vision which we call “One Vision”. In total, LaZy functions as one mega guild filled with friends and family members gaming together.

LaZy Guild is a special place in the Guild Wars world. It is unique in its structure, vision and values. The name “LaZy” was originally intended to be a whimsical convention for naming a guild; LaZy’s guild names were parodies for laziness. The parent guild’s original name “Insert Witty Guild Name Here”, and other names which followed for the creation of additional guilds, reflected this initial approach. While players thought the names funny they quickly identified a need to present a more serious and determined image to other guilds.

As noted, LaZy is a proud and strong group of 1,500+ friend and family members who enjoy and take pride in being together in a cooperative group. Our members actively PvE, Farm, PvP (GvG, HA, Codex, etc.), Run and do a little bit of everything else in between. In fact, we do everything the game has available! It is fitting then that our Alliance Mission is simply for our members to have fun and enjoy playing the game.

Through our continued evolution since July of 2006, LaZy has grown into a mature and robust global community of players. We have become a recognizable entity throughout the Guild Wars Community. Our members are from over 25 countries around the world. Today, prospective members are screened and extensively interviewed before being allowed membership into the guild. Members are screened for well-rounded personality, maturity and attitude. We accept anyone of any skill level, from beginner to most technically advanced in the game.

We focus on 3 primary "keys to improvement" by which to continue and build upon our success in the game:

(1) continually increase member longevity within the guild,

(2) continually improve our members technical skills and competencies within the game,

(3) continually improve the guild's overall reputation throughout the Guild Wars Community; by actively participating in ANET-sponsored Fan Sites and hosting events for the global community.

One World, One Nation, One Vision

One Vision, a phrase used commonly in the alliance, refers to a vision that was laid out by "Araliun Sun" for Witty, the original name of the parent guild until it was changed in January, 2007. His vision was sparked by the limitations presented in game that a guild could not be populated with more than 100 members. To overcome this barrier, Araliun set out to create an alliance model populated with guilds which are lead by the same person. This model is called One Vision. The model is achieved by Araliun maintaining multiple game accounts. Each account contains one of the guilds that comprise the LaZy Alliances.

The concept of One Vision has many benefits. It provides the alliance the ability to function from a single common culture; based on identical philosophies, guiding principles and leadership provided by one person. The results allow all of the guilds to operate as "one large guild", thus overcoming the limitations set in game.

Through One Vision, members of the LaZy Alliance enjoy an expansive and cooperative environment; enabling them to interact with more players with similar interests and needs, and with more resources and talent than typically found in a single guild. United through One Vision, members collectively call the alliance "LaZy NATION".


Luxon Alliance:

  • The Imperium Of Lazy Nation [LaZy]
  • Allegiance Of Myriads [LaZy]
  • Citadel Of Immortals [LaZy]
  • Clandestiny Of Solitude [LaZy]
  • Gee To Da Gee Cuz Ganksta Is [LaZy]
  • Guardians Of The Imperium [LaZy]
  • Lazy Dominus Legatus [LaZy]
  • Lazy Imperius Legionis [LaZy]
  • Sentinels Of The Imperium [LaZy]
  • Unveiled Illusion [LaZy]

Kurzick Alliance:

  • The Eternal Dragons Of [LaZy]
  • Crew Of The Foresaken [LaZy]
  • Nocturnal Chaos [LaZy]

Requirements To Join LaZy

We recruit active players with good personalities and most importantly, maturity. While we have some grandfathered members who are 16 and 17 years of age, new prospective members must be at least 18 years of age. New members MUST have Ventrilo and a working microphone. New prospective members are interviewed on Vent and are voice-validated to ensure they meet the guild's criteria for admission. You can anticipate your interview lasting between 15-30 minutes. Interviews include general discussion, game-play and other discussion points used for screening candidates.

If you are interested in applying to LaZy and meet all our requirements for application, please proceed to our forums. You can choose the program of your choice by clicking on the corresponding link to apply. You will be moved to our application area where you will be presented with more specific information about the program you are choosing and an application to complete. Prospective applicants are contacted by a LaZy officer within 72 hours upon filing their completed application.

Awards and Recognition:

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The Imperium Of Lazy Nation Alliance
Leader The Imperium Of Lazy Nation
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The Eternal Dragons Of Alliance
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