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Guards Of The Gate [GRDS]
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Territory America and Europe
Language English
Faction Faction (Kurzick).jpg Kurzick
Type PvE & Social
No. of members 60+
Guild Hall Frozen Isle
Webpage Website
Forums Forums
About Us

[GRDS] is a social guild, welcoming players of all experience levels for PvE and PvP.

Check the forums for more information on the guild, and how to join the team.


These are the general policies we ask our members to abide by.

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No Begging (Don’t Do It!!!)

If your new please don’t ask for free stuff, we have had people join many times, get free items or "Loans" of money & then leave.

No Asking For Money in Alliance Chat... Dont Do It!

If you have been here for a while, you will have people that know you and know you can be trusted, so if you need something just ask, if someone can help you they will. If no one helps you don’t ask why or why not, please, that’s begging, the reason is They Cant Do It At The Moment or that they Don’t Know You...

New=Less the a couple months in general

1 Week Activity

We enforce a 1 Week Activity Rule. This means that if for some reason you will not be able to play for a period longer then 1 Week, please post in the Extended Absence Topic or you may be kicked. We do this because it promotes Active players & helps keep our guild doing well. If you sign on & see 20 people in your guild playing you feel good & can get help. If you sign on & no one is on, why bother being there?

The Extended Absence Topic is located on the forums, please post if you plan to be away.

No Spamming Guild Chat or Alliance Chat

(Spamming should be done on the Spam Thread of our forum)

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Chat Rules

  1. There will be no excessive swearing in guild chat. This means anything that the game's "normal" filter would dash out. Officers will warn you on this, to lessen the potential for misunderstanding.
  2. Good-natured ribbing is encouraged. We all like to laugh. Personal attacks, however, are not cool, and not acceptable.
  3. Adult topics can be discussed through PM if you really feel you need to. There's no need to subject everyone else in the guild to your jokes about the great time you had with your friend's mom, and his sister, at the same time. Not everyone finds this to be the height of North American humor.
  4. In general, if an officer has to ask you to change the subject or warn you about your language more than twice, this is a big problem. Multiple violations of these rules may result in you being banned from guild chat, or dismissal from the guild.

Do Not Rip People Off

This includes, No Over Priced selling within the guild, If you have an item that is worth 10-15k and you sell it to a fellow Guild member, Give them a good deal, if you want to charge 11-15k for it go sell it to a non Guild Member! We Are A TEAM - I Know most of us will give it away or at least charge less then what it is worth...

Charging a Guild Member for a Run?

No Way, We Are A TEAM, You can charge the rest of your party for the run, Bring the Guild Member for FREE.

Ripping People off for runs and other dishonest behavior, Don’t Do It! We don’t need liars cheats & thieves on our team.

Be Friendly and Helpful

Again TEAM, Help each other out when you can.

If you have any Friends or meet any people that you would like invited into the guild please simply ask any of the officers & they will gladly invite them for you.

PvP / GvG

If you do PvP, we ask that you ask the guild/alliance if anyone wants to join - We are a 'TEAM'

We Have a Thread On Our Forums for Organizing PvP battles, feel free to use it.

In addition, the alliance is available for PvP at most times, though none of our alliance members specialize in PvP. Ask in Alliance Chat to see if anyone is up to an activity though, and you may be suprised to find someone interested.

Contact Us

Guards Of The Gate Forums

To leave your information, simply register on the forums (with the links at the top of the page), and make a post in the Recruitment section. Leave you In-Game Name, a bit of information about yourself, and whatever else you would like us to know. We will contact you in-game and send an invite as soon as possible.

NOTE: When making a post, if referred from this Wiki page, please refer to the Wiki article in your post, so that we can see that the Wiki space is beneficial in the recruiting process.
Rank IGN Rank IGN
Co-Leader Aureleas Borealis Officer Hamburgler Helper
Co-Leader Sparky The Dog Officer Callista Fatali
Co-Leader Magical Samurai Officer Sood Ranger
Co-Leader Razor Falcor Officer Metric Fusion
Officer Captain Fathead Officer Kit The Waywatcher

Legion Of Avalon Alliance
Leader Legion Of Avalon
Members Disciples Of Sunset • Guards Of The Gate • Nooobs Just Took Halls • Order Of The Blades Aatax • Sacred Knights Of OrrSent Fromhell • The Comitatus Of Broken Orders • The Knights Of Drunken Nights • Two Words For Ya

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