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Home Is Where The Heart Is [HOME]

Home Is Where The Heart Is [HOME]
Guild Home Is Where The Heart Is Cape.jpg
Territory New Zealand & Beyond
Leader Lovable Monk / H O M E Sweet
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members ~35+
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle

Home Is Where The Heart Is is a new but homely guild as the name implies. The members have known each other for quite a while and just like the tag [HOME], we make our guild an online home where the members share stories and jokes. Aside from that, members help each other with missions and titles. On one side, we like to do JQ to raise our factions.

Home Is Where The Heart Is leads a small but friendly and warm alliance. These Alliances willingly jump into quests and missions to help and have been most helpful and trusted. They also assist with titles or just a chat.

Home is known in Guild Wars 2 under the name Home Sweet [Home] If you would like to join us please visit our website [1] to contact us. :)


We believe in quality over quantity in people. We make it a point to talk to people and be sincere in helping them. We are looking for people who like to help others as we always do what we can to help as well. We believe that the success of the members is the success of the entire guild.

We are also open to new alliances and since we are an alliance of small guilds, this principle of quality over quantity applies too. We know every alliance guild members and we are very friendly with each other. Alliance guilds help us with our in game goals and we are expected at some point to give back help.

If you uphold the same values and enjoy having a good chat with people, you are always welcome to join us. Just private message or whisper any of the officers as they are almost always online and very friendly people.

Roster Listing

  • Leaders
    • Lovable Monk - Joined 7/24/2010
    • H O M E Sweet - Joined 8/16/2010
  • Officers
    • Fate Flocker
    • Sernius Alathar*
    • Basically Bloodless*
    • Grawl Tastic
    • French Toastz*
    • Crimson Demona*
    • Baya Bloomwood
    • Soulless Sins
    • Shadow Demon N L
    • Dark Morelia*

For more information about our leadership, please click here.

  • Members
    • Aroha Tumanako*
    • System Hammer
    • Babidi Bibidi Buu
    • Nz Shorty
    • The Ferreter

Some of these contacts are valid in GW2 outlined by an *.

Members are Constantly Updating so we don't put all the names here.

Most recent & active officers/members. Contact for Information.

Home Is Where The Heart Is Alliance
Leader Home Is Where The Heart Is
Members Enhanced Corpse • Murder Death Kil • Children of Goddess Danu • Chaos Of Order • Dragon Season • Fighting for the Kurzicks • Lords of Ragnarok