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Knights Of The Keyboard Order [KkO]

Knights Of The Keyboard Order [KkO]
Guild Knights Of The Keyboard Order 02.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members ~50
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle
VoIP none atm

Guild Knights Of The Keyboard Order 02.jpg

The Knights of the Keyboard Order was founded on the 4th of July 2005, by Duke Screagle, Knight Lamorak and Lord S Serpent. The guild's emphasis is on a fun and friendly environment to play in, rather than competition, and is composed principally of PvE players. Members frequently team up to complete missions, quests or dungeons, and there is frequently someone available to help anyone that requests it. However, we also hold various PvP events, such as GvG battles and Heroes' Ascent, from time to time, where anyone is welcome to join in.

We currently are making the Guild Wars 2 lands unsafe :P


If you are interested in joining Knights of the Keyboard Order, head on over to the forum and fill out the application form you'll find here.

Council of Champions [KkO Leadership]

Guild Leader: Lord S Serpent

Officers: Chrome Jestler, Edwin Rahl, Master Xinix, Miss Health Freak, Lonyru Greyhame, Dork Pork, Dylan Twilight, Firea Stonecrusher

-- Honourable councilmembers -- (non-officer ingame anymore)

Duke Screagle (our very first guildleader), Knight Lamorak (for being our long standing pvp build creatormind)

-- Contributing Members --

All members are acknowledged for their idea's and help in the KkO-guild

Official Guild Historian: Lonyru Greyhame (writer and editor on the wiki and forum)

Official FUP Luring Trapper: Son Of Belgar

Famous Gauntlet Runner: Medow Bane (invented The Gauntlet of Bane)

Gauntlet of Bane Champion - 1st Edition: Master Xinix

Everlasting Immortal - 1st Edition: Nightingale D

Some Guild Events

  • Running Highlander Event for the KKO Alliance atm - 26 February 2009

We have currently the Highlander Event running for the alliance, more intelligence is to be found on our website and forum

  • Moving our Guildhall into FOW - 30 May 2008

Today we ventured once more into the Fissure of Woe!

Since we had a stunning 16 people in our guildhall to help us relocate our Guildhall to the Fissure of Woe (FoW), we had to form two parties of 8 to accommodate our entry to FoW.

FoW was overrun by all kind of shadow knights and weird phenomena. Therefor it was needed to clear the FoW from there presence and receive the blessing of the patron God Baltazar. Both parties received this blessing after fulfilling 11 quest for Baltazar!

Well done to all participants and a great evening off fun.

  • A Knights Errant into the Stygian Veil - 20 December 2007

Yesterday evening, 20th December 2007, some knights where sent into DOA, after hearing some rumors about a dreadmaw spawn in Stygian Veil.

If left alone, it would have meant explosive growth of the dreadmaw into our domain instead of only the domain of anguish.

Quickly some knights where issued with the task to go kill that horrible thing.

Valiantly the following knights involuntary risked there 'expendable' :P lives:

June Axe Slasher (Black Bear Warrior) Master Xinix (Grizzly Bear Ele) Legend of Devotion (Brown Bear Ele) Miss S Serpent (Polar Bear Ele) Miss Health Freak (Teddy Bear Monk) Lothian (Panda Bear Monk)

And two henchie bears: Livia and General Morghan

Venturing into the Veil the first encounters with the natural denizens of the veil where some exploratory fights to find there weaknesses, but forming a 'Bear' wall is a very good tactic. Although it got rough with some unexpected spawns from time to time... But the expedition was successful and they killed the dreadmaw spawn.

Thanks to the extraordinary keyslamming monk Lothian, fortunate running and rezzingbot Miss Health Freak, imitating living walls Master Xinx - June Axe Slasher - Legend of Devotion - Miss S Serpent. Oh and to not forget the General Morghan who offered himself multiple times to be the scout in this treacherous region. And to my lovely bride Livia :D

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