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[Koss] has since merged with [TAM] to form [ToA]

My Girlfriend Left Me For [Koss][edit]

My Girlfriend Left Me For [Koss]
Guild My Girlfriend Left Me For cape.jpg
Territory Europe And America
Language English
Leader Greyhawks Destroyer
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 60+
VoIP Ventrilo

My Girlfriend Left Me For [Koss] is a new guild formed April 9th 2008 by the members of The Storm Chasers [Zap]. Zap fell apart due to the guild being owned by an officer that left. The remaining members decided to return the guild to the former owner and create their own. Koss itself has been in 2 alliances [SNOW] and [TAM]. A lot of the officers came from LoD. They all were in LoD together and left/got kicked due to the alliance leader being a tyrant and all the E-Drama that followed. They created this guild as a place to enjoy the game with little to no E-Drama and to just have fun.

Members of the Koss guild range from the exp PvP players to the exp PvE players. It is a PvE oriented Guild and as such they have daily HM Dungeons or other Elite Areas when time and members are available. The Koss guild is split between Euro and American players therefore they have, what they like to call, the Day Crew and the Night crew. Both crews have at least 2 officers to run them and set up guild runs !

Most of the members seldom dabble in PvP but few, attempt HA TA and GvG's with their old guilds. However many farm balthazar faction for Z Keys in Zaishen Elite. As such all of the members are experienced enough for HM Dungeons and HM Elite areas, making setting teams up a fair bit easier !


My Girlfriend Left Me For [Koss] Recruiting - HM PvE focussed guild

My Girlfriend Left Me For [Koss] is a North American based guild with a strong international membership, offering 24/7 online action within the large TAM/GoE Alliance. We are a HM PvE based guild. We specialize in HM Dungeons and Elite areas, running several everyday, as well as organizing weekly Guild Runs. We have members who are working on titles and are currently doing HM missions and vanquishing/mapping. We are a friendly, mature guild who enjoys helping out and acting silly, so a good sense of humor is a must.

What we are looking for: Players aged 16+ and mature Players who are interested in dungeons and elites, as well as title hunting People that play HM We prefer that players have been playing for at least 9+ months Must have HM unlocked on all campaigns and GW:EN NOT players who are only interested in farming, Players that are able to access vent to listen to instructions, a microphone is optional.

We are not interested in farmers . This includes constantly running UW/FoW/DoA Speed clears, Which also happens to include running team builds based purely around Shadow form and Cry of Pain teams, We take player skill over how fast you can clear any given area, and how easily you can do it. If this is not your style then you need not reply.

Players who contribute to the guild and are not elitists are most welcome. Because we are made up of active experienced players we are not looking for members who need excessive help or whine when no one can accomadate them. We also despise spamming and arguements. Players who do not respect other members or who are not active for 2 weeks will be warned and kicked out of the guild (this is also applied to alliance chat). All players are expected to participate in guild runs reguarly and interact with other players; failing to do so will also result in being kicked to ensure the quality and reliability of all our members.

As a guild we regularly enjoy running Dungeons, balanced teams, HM FoW/Urgoz with physway teams. These runs will normally require vent, to save time typing to check builds, communicate and give directions. There is also a select few that run TA and HA teams, Again vent is a must, so all players are recommended to have access to vent, with knowledge of how to use it, nothing drives us more insane than people asking where to put the IP address. If you find yourself without vent, then you will seriously be handicapped when it comes to follow directions and consequently might be warned/kicked for idiocy during the run.

If you do not meet the above requirements and expectations, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.

If you are a HM Junkie and like an active and challenging group, visit our message board at

Contact information[edit]

Guild Leader

Greyhawks Destroyer


Ms Hell Spawn

Monk Latham

Ambassador of God

Wrath of Heavenz

Moria Pendragon

Starr Aset

Muerta Azul

Vereesa Thunderaxe

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Leader The Arctic Marauders
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