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Victory Is Life Eternal [VILE]

Victory Is Life Eternal [VILE]
Guild Victory Is Life Eternal cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Leader Pelennor Eriador
Faction Luxon
Type Speed Clears/PvE
No. of members ~70
Guild Hall Isle of Wurms

Victory Is Life Eternal is an International PvE Guild.
The Guild's main goals are:

  • Speed Clears.
  • Preparing relevant characters for speed clears.
  • Achievement of All PvE titles for all members.
  • Achievement of Other PvE/PvP related titles.
  • Trying to maintain a friendly guild and a fun atmosphere.

  • [VILE] is alot of fun and a friendly guild to be in.

The Birth of A Legend

In long forgotten days, when Tyria was still young, lush green foliage defined the landscape and nothing disturbed the afternoon slumber except the occasional butterfly soaring past. All was peaceful, all was well. But a shadow stirred in the north. The coming of foul beasts, feral, bloodthirtsty animals, the coming of the Charr. Fierce battles were fought between man and beast, in order to preserve the proud kingdom of Ascalon. But to no avail. One day, fire and flame poured down from the heavens, crippling the nation, devastating the land, destroying all in it’s blazing horror. The Searing had turned this once beautiful land into a scarred earth, of dust, ash and tar. But it’s people yet lived, struggling to survive, in desperate need of guidance and a way to escape Grenth’s cold grasp. It was then, that a young ranger stepped forward, to complete this daunting task. This was no mere quest however, and the ranger needed backup to stand up to the dangers ahead. He needed a team. A band of warriors. An army. A legion. A family. And thus it came to pass that this brave ranger, Pelennor Eriador, founded the great [VILE]-guild, named after his very personal credo: Victory Is Life Eternal.

The Rise and Fall

All of this happened nearly 5 years ago, back in june 2005, and we’ve come a long way from pathetic skirmishes with unworthy Charr. In the early days the [VILE]-horde explored the lands of Tyria, getting as much experience and feel with the land as possible. Activities ranged from blasting through the Titan legions and Mursaat ranks as well as wreaking havoc upon the GvG playing field. With the coming of Factions and the addition of the Canthan continent however, a new path opened, and [VILE] dreamt of power. The dream soon became reality as we seized control of the Kurzick side of the map by ways of faction farming, and the holding of Houze Zu Heltzer. First as an ally to the [TLS] alliance, and then under [Sins]. Of course this was not enough, and Pelennor lead [VILE] to greater glory by leading his own alliance into holding HzH. All was well.

At some point the guild decided it couldn’t keep mucking about simply grinding faction for the sake of it, [VILE] realised that a time would come when their title bars would fill up, and then what? The answer was a simple one, why stop at one title? Why not conquer Tyria, Cantha and Elona completely by maxing every possible title and attaining the God-status? So [VILE] continued it’s FFF until most people got their Saviour of the Kurzicks and then moved on. Tearing apart PvE as they went along, [VILE]-members sought out to attain as much titles as possible. With the guild’s best interests at heart Pelennor constantly kept the guild in alliances on par with [VILE], so that our members might continue to get better, and find likeminded people to team up with. Over time we got in touch with guilds and alliances such as [JAMM], [EotN] and many more. Titles kept maxing, Halls of Monuments filled out, stacks of ectos grew ever taller and we joined the [TAM]-alliance, with guilds such as [SCAR] and [GoE]. After years of intense playing however, the guild top grew weary. A singular purpose and focus were lost. Member numbers dwindled. Activity fell. [VILE] lay dormant.

Luxon Dominance

After 2 months of sleeping, focusing on other things, we have now returned. Pelennor firmly held the reins of power again, and we had a purpose. We were still not Gods Walking Amongst Mere Mortals, but damn, we were close. Seeking to max the last few titles we needed, we ventured across the kurzick/luxon frontier, trading in the dark serene setting of Echovald Forest for the freedom offered by the rugged Jade Sea. After a mere 2 weeks of faction farming most of us were already nearly halfway to becoming the Saviour of the Luxons. With an ever growing force we maintained over 10 million faction. This of course did not go unnoticed, and soon we were adopted into the most prestigious and highest standing Luxon Alliance, [any], and thus we came to co-hold Cavalon. For several months we maintained high faction levels, nearing 30 million on event weekends. However as more and more people attained their Savior titles, the reason as to why we joined [any] vanished, and the morale dropped. As [any] got overtaken by the #2 alliance and we lost Cavalon, we decided to call it quits, and break free again.

Speed Clears

After some blundering about looking for a decent SC Alliance we ended up with [Wait], this excellent alliance filled with many great players gave us the chance to finally hone our skills in the art of Speed Clears. Sadly the alliance leader got hacked and had to remake her guild. This did not our spirits however and the guild and alliance were remade. Thus [ToYs] was born and the alliance continued to thrive. For a month or 2 everything went well, and we got better and better at various Speed Clears, most notably DoA, which had been quite an obstacle before. Of course we did not neglect our most favoured SC dungeon run, the old Froggy manlyway, as it was the one that got us excited about SC'ing in the first place. Due to our selective recruitment we quickly attracted beginning SC'ers who wanted to stick around in [VILE] and they rapidly became a part of our family, [VILE] grew bigger and bigger with every passing week. [ToYs] itself was struggling though, and eventually the alliance broke up and a few guilds headed over to the famed [ToA] alliance. Of course [VILE] could not be left behind. We quickly packed our things and filled out an application form for [ToA], after a few trial runs we were deemed worthy of joining, and so we did. We now reside amongst guilds such as [Out], [DL], [ode] and good ol' [ToYs] in this fine alliance. Besides continuous DoASC's we are now also practicing and owning SoOSC, FrostySC, FroggySC, UW Dayway, FoW manlyway and many many more. We have now truly found an alliance filled with likeminded people, and we continue to improve ourself and our guild with every SC we join. With the dreaded Shadow Form/Farming build nerf coming up, the GW - SC landscape is bound to be rewrought, but I am confident that we will rise to the challenge and emerge victorious, as we always have. VICTORY IS LIFE ETERNAL


We are looking for people interested in joining speedclears. As such it is important that you have a variety of characters available with a wide range of skills, and that those characters are capable of reaching the various outposts from where SC's tend to start. If you want to work on titles besides your SC's that's of course perfectly allright, we have a number of people also working on titles, but for everyone in [VILE] the team based Speed Clears are what matters most.

Besides that, we ask that you are capable of having a laugh in guild chat, and aren’t too reserved or uptight. If you’d like to join, leave a post on our forums and fill out the application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


If you wish to join [VILE] and you don't know who to PM (whisper) in-game, here is a list of the Leader and officers:


  • Pelennor Eriador (old player, natural born guild leader, some say he was born with a VILE-cape and Boots of Kicking +5... still cant monk for shit tho!!)

Co Leader

  • Mystic Mel (Likes to think she's the boss and letting her think that saves us all earache, She's a pro front liner... as an ele!!!)


  • Ioroth Soulblighter (VILE's very own warlord and his own personal hero! We could take his proness more seriously if he didnt have a girls name... Hey Jenny :D)
  • Lover Of Undeads (VILE's very own Godfather, he's 40+ for crying out loud!, and a walking wiki)
  • Druss Dagger (VILE's first Kurzick Savior (2nd in game) from back in the ancient days of kurzick FFF without heroes, he was a pro doorman... erm I mean mushy runner!)
  • Shurmar Kurth (Shur is a DoA perfectionist, who sadly ends up getting his every run fucked up by noobs, if it wasnt for him living on the far side of the Iron Curtain, he'd actually be a really nice guy)
  • Drakk Uni (A DoA master like Shur, very capable at what he does, sadly though, he's from France so we can't take him too seriously...)

Guild Mascot

  • Sheena [Vile Henchman] (Guild Henchman xD)

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Leader The Incredible Edible Bookah
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