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[TAM] has since merged with [Koss] to form [ToA]

The Arctic Marauders [TAM]

The Arctic Marauders [TAM]
Guild The Arctic Marauders cape.jpg
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE/PvP
No. of members ~80
Guild Hall Hunter's Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage TAM forums

The Arctic Marauders [TAM] is a well respected guild with a long history, and players that range from hardcore PvP to casual PvE. [TAM] has had many accomplishments over its entire year since creation, including GvGing to rank 200, and being in the top Kurzick faction alliance. They have a wide range of players, all close-knit and quite experienced overall in the gameplay. Today, many guild members enjoy weekly GvG’s, Alliance Battles, 1v1 battles, Vanquishing groups, and many other fun guild activities.[TAM] is still an active and friendly (Actually, some of them are quite arrogant and have smart mouths) guild today, and is in the process of recruiting even more people.


The Marauders have a long and prosperous history, dating back to 2004. A group of friends got online one night, and founded “The Desert Marauders”, a small but fun clan for people to meet one another in the popular online RPG Runescape. Before they knew it, many more people had joined [TDM], and it was becoming quite popular and well known. Soon after the release of Guild Wars: Prophecies, the clan decided to move over games, hearing about the exciting features of Guild Wars. Some came, some left, but all considered themselves to be Marauders. The group of friends then decided to create a guild for themselves that was the same name as their previous clan, and consisted of the same people.

Over the next year the guild existed (from July 2005-May 2006) it had its shares of ups and downs, with the original clan leader continuing to lead them. But Kraiden (the guild leader from 05-06) was no longer able to continue playing, and had lost interest in a game that had meant so much to him. So it was Silly’s turn to take command (06-08) of the guild, and get it back on its feet.After Silly got weary of his leadership responsiblity Mini Masher stepped up to take the lead(08-present).

The guild was completely rebuilt, with a new name for a new era. The name “Arctic” was taken simply because Desert already existed, and the group felt that an opposite could perhaps be for the better. By June 2006, the guild had grown to nearly 90 players getting on to play on a daily basis. And the guild had joined a large Kurzick alliance, which eventually owned House Zu Heltzer for however brief a time. During this summer of 06, [TAM] also began doing large amounts of hardcore GvG, sometimes getting into the top 150-200 rankings, for about 2 months. The guild also began its own alliance, and joined many others, which did not end up working out the best.

After the summer (and being quite a busy one) [TAM] decided to stop farming faction, and settle down into a more relaxed, yet active alliance. They settled for the Giggety Giggety [GOO], a large Kurzick alliance with lots of fun people, light AB, and frequent GvG. During this time the guild began to get to know one another much better than previously, spending more time with one another and helping each other out more often. It was at this time (November 06) that the guild decided they wanted to branch out and try to get more people in, and perhaps start an alliance similar to LaZy.

So began [TAM] alliance, at one point being 7 guilds all with the same banner. The two months of the large alliance brought in more dedicated people than ever, and a fun active alliance made up of TAM alone. However later in the run, the Guild realized that managing all of the guilds was proving to be quite hectic, and ultimately soon left it to just two guilds, [TAM] PvE and PvP. The PvP guild’s leader soon decided to simply merge back into TAM, as getting into alliances with two guilds proved to be very hard.

After [TAM] alliance, the guild was stronger than ever, growing and getting to know one another. Soon after Wintersday 06, the commotion died down a bit, and guild experienced more of a rough time of inactive, and less people being around as often. However core members and officers were still present to provide the same entertainment as before.

After disbanding for a few months, the original members of [TAM] have gotten together to remake the guild, and turn it into a Elite PvE guild with mild PvP which we hope to get more active members to shove it off its feet. For more information on this exciting event, visit [TAM]'s website ( [TAM] was previously in the Scars Meadows [SMS] Alliance.

[TAM] recently formed an alliance with [GoE]. [TAM] leads this alliance and is looking for more high-end pve guilds to join. If your guild is interested in joining the [TAM] Alliance, pm one of the officers in game.

We are a close group that actively welcomes in new members. While we are Elite PvE, we are not a farming guild. We do daily FoW and Urgoz, but we are very community oriented as well, with most of our members registered and active on Guru forums.


If one wishes to join The Arctic Marauders, please visit our forums at

We look for the following attributes in potential members:

  • One must be mature, and be reasonable with fellow guildmates and alliance members.
  • One must have decent experience in the game. We look at many factors in potential members, including experience points, titles, armor, age, playtimes, and timezones. A deficiency in any one of those will NOT exclude membership. We are looking for well rounded players.
  • Ventrilo usage, with Mic is preferred. Forum activity is a plus as well.
  • You must understand why physical damage is better than nuking, why Frenzy is the best skill in the game, and why overall, skills like Ursan Blessing contribute to degenerate playstyle.
  • Finally, one must be helpful, and be willing to help out others if they need it.

Contact information

  • Forums:

In game:

  • Evyl Hart-Leader
  • Irese Eseri-Officer
  • Cyric Blackblade-Officer
  • Kottis The Ignorant-Officer
  • Divine Swirly-Officer
  • Necro Quink-Officer
  • Teresa The Tank-Officer
  • Kuramoto Yukio-Officer
  • Dharok The Tyrant-Officer

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