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Our Pirates Know True [LOVE]
Our Pirates Know True [LOVE]
Guild Our Pirate Kings Know True cape.jpg
Territory America/International
Language English
Leader Irlan Dis
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 700+
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle
VoIP Teamspeak
Time zone Global

Alliance History

Welcome to MARA, the Mature Age Recruitment Alliance.

MARA is an alliance for the over 30s in Guild Wars - a co-operative online roleplaying game. The alliance has a proud 3 year history and is different to many other alliances in the way it has grown. Rather than joining with other guilds, the original guild [WIMP], has expanded into 14 guilds to include both factions, Kurzick and Luxon! This gives an unrivalled team spirit among our members.

[LOVE], the Luxon half of the MARA alliance, was founded in December 2007. Pirate Kings was added to the alliance in March of 2009. The Luxon side carries the same tag name and cape (but with different colors).

We play mainly PvE such as quests, missions, farming, title-seekers, hard modes, etc. along with a guild dedicated to PvP. We all range in experience from new to the game to 6+ years and still LOVE'ing it. You will find a variety of players for all things. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

Guild Policy and Rules

First and foremost, this is an all adult alliance. Our policy is to recruit members 30 years old and up. Being that we are all adults, we won't force any rules down your throat or slap your hand when you're bad. We simply ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines:

-Be friendly, tolerant, and courteous to others.

-Patience is a virtue. A good number of us have busy lives with work and kids. Don't get upset if someone takes awhile to join the group or goes AFK in mid-mission.

-No begging, nagging, spamming, derogatory comments (i.e. race, religion, culture, sexuality, etc.), and keep swearing to a minimum.

-Do not ask to be promoted within the guild. The officers will determine when a promotion will be given.

-And most importantly: Have fun! (Remember- it's just a game.)

There is limited space in each guild. If you are not going to be online for a more than 1 month, please post a notification on the forum and you will not be kicked due to inactivity.


Our website is located at It includes news, a forum, event calendar, polls, videos, pictures and much, much more. It's constantly being updated so please take the time to register or you could miss out on a lot!

Contact information

Guild Leader: Irlan Dis

Officers: Luscion Morphious - Frigg Fjorgynsdotir - Van Couver - Temple Of Love - Pseudacris Regilla - Red Snowman

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