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Old Bold And Growing [MOLD][edit]

Old Bold And Growing [MOLD]
Guild Old Bold And Growing cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 80 ish
Guild Hall Imperial Isle atm
VoIP Teamspeak 2 & 3

At some point I will get around to filling in the history of MOLD - Zoo (It has now been over 12 months and still not got around to it!!!!)

Guild Hall Services[edit]

Services Added
Platinum.png Xunlai Agent Yes
Green Dye.png Dye Trader Yes
Wood Plank.png Crafting Material Trader Yes
Jadeite Shard.png Rare Material Trader Yes
Rune Vigor Sup.png Rune Trader Yes
Passage Scroll.png Scroll Trader Yes
Trade Winds.jpg Skill Trainer Yes
Flame of Balthazar.png Priest of Balthazar Yes
Identification Kit.png Merchant Yes
Guildwiki-icon-small.png Weaponsmith Yes


Guild Policy & Rules:

First and foremost this is an all adult guild. Our recruitment policy is to recruit over 30s, we are not interested in arguments about maturity, under aged members found out are kicked irrespective of how mature they think they are.

1 month offline. There is limited space in a Guild, so occasionally a member review is required, to make way for active members. If you are not going to be online for a more than 4 weeks, just inform an Officer and you will not be kicked due to inactivity.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion

Be friendly, tolerant, and courteous to others. Protect yours and our reputations.

No begging for others to do your task or give you money. Ask for things you need, but don't pester or demand.

No nagging. Asking for help is perfectly O.K., helping each other is part of what our alliance is for. But we DO NOT tolerate NAGGING. Ask in a polite and considerate manner, and you may receive.

No spamming.

No derogatory comments (i.e. race, religion, culture).

Do not ask to be promoted within the guild. The officers will determine when a promotion has been earned.

Have fun! (Remember- it's a game.)

Contact information[edit]

Feel free to visit us and find out more about us at or contact any of the officers or leader in game.

Member List[edit]

Guild Leader: Zoo Keeper Extreme (Sed)

Officers: Maid In Britain

Membership: Over 50 regular members as at 29/06/11

Pets: We don't have a pet at the moment as our Stabby has run off with the circus.

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