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Guild Above And Beyond Duty.pngPeace With Quiet [Hush][edit]

Peace With Quiet [Hush][edit]

Peace With Quiet [Hush]
Territory America
Faction Faction (Kurzick).jpg Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 79
Guild Hall Hunter's Isle
Time zone Eastern

End Of Discussion

Motto: We don't want to be the biggest alliance we want to be the best....... in the meantime, enjoy some Peace With Quiet

[Hush] was formed in August of 2009 by Yez Srinn, and Lucky Penguin. Despite it being a relatively new guild, it is led by veterans of the game who have been playing since the release of Guild Wars. [Hush] is primarily a PvE guild, questing, helping each other out with missions, as well as runs in UW, FoW, The Deep, DTSC, AB, JQ, CoF runs, etc. but frequently engages in PvP such as GvG, AB, and JQ. We are a close knit guild who know each other fairly well.

Guild Above And Beyond Duty.pngRecruitment[edit]

Those interested in joining Peace With Quiet [Hush] should use cut-and-paste to copy any of the Leader/Officer names below, and send us a Whisper to say hello. Introduce yourself, let us know how you found out about us.We'll likely invite you immediately and we don't expect you to have to pay to join us. We consider it a privilege to have you as a member. Here at [Hush] we only have a few simple rules that are not hard to follow and most are common sense.

1. Dont Beg and be annoying in the Guild / Alliance Chat

2. Help each other out when possible

3. If your going AFK for more than two weeks then tell an officer.

4. Extreme Profanity will not be tolerated in the Alliance or Guild chat. You will be kicked and/or banned. Best to try to refrain as much as possible and aspire to higher standards.

5. No Sexual Harassment. if something of a sexual nature is said and makes someone uncomfortable, please stop.

And most the most important...


Guild Above And Beyond Duty.pngContact Information[edit]


Necromancer.pngYez Srinn

Co Leader:[edit]

Warrior.pngLucky Penguin

Officer List:[edit]

Assassin.pngKu Chee
Warrior.pngMystikal Shadows
Monk.pngBwahahahahahaha Hah
Dervish.pngSavage Ownage
Elementalist.pngAruthesa Donella

Who To Contact:[edit]

Necromancer.pngYez Srinn

We Farm Your Alliance
Leader We Farm Your
Members Peace With Quiet