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We Farm Your [트두므s]

We Farm Your [트두므s]
Guild We Farm Your cape.jpg
Territory North American - based
Language English
Leader Tyler The Terror
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 60+
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone Any

Guild We Farm Your Ectos.jpg

We Farm Your [ECTOs] is an elite farming community who specializes in high-end activities such as speed clears, non-speed clear team farming runs, balanced-way, title-grinding, and even a tiny bit of PvP here and there. We pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with all of the latest and greatest farming and team builds, and even spend time working on our own variants. Collectively our members possess lots of experience and a vast knowledge of the game itself, so we are certainly up to the challenge of making prompt build adjustments to compensate for whatever skill balances or area changes happen through game updates. Likewise, we are able and always willing to put together a competent team build to help people get something accomplished for whatever character(s) they need.

We Farm Your [ECTOs] is intent on building up a nice reputation for ourselves overall, not only with respect to our in-game ability but also with regards to our emphasis on the 'community' aspect. We balance the need for capable, contributable people to keep the community strong and growing while at the same time keeping all egos and detrimental behavior as far away as possible. Everybody's effort and time spent around here matters and is appreciated with the utmost respect. This guild isn't a product of solely the efforts of the Guild Leader/Officers or of the oldest-running members, but of the time EVERYONE who has worn our guild tag, past and present, has put into it. We Farm Your [ECTOs] is built from a core of people who have been playing GW together for years (and thus, have built up a tremendous bond). This isn't a guild that will completely fall apart or empty into nothing overnight. It's a stable environment with a roster that rarely sees changes for the worse.

Although We Farm Your [ECTOs] is pretty sizeable already, there is always room to make new friends, acquaintances, and people to shoot the breeze with over completely random things that have nothing to do with GW. Our member-base includes people of all ages and locations, and encompasses lots of various interests, not just in-game but out. There is rarely a dull moment to be found here. This isn't one of those guilds who have a dead atmosphere or one who claims to be something they're not. Around here there are people to play with for almost anything high-end imaginable, and there are also great friendship opportunities, which makes coming back day after day all the more worthwhile. Guild (and Alliance chat) is always active. Our ventrilo server is packed daily with people, and it's essential not only for in-game communication, but for having a good time and getting to know one another too. Our guild's forums are busier than most and have become a big part of the overall community experience. Miss out on ventrilo and/or our forums, miss out on doing nearly 100% of what we do together as a guild. Miss out on ventrilo and/or our forums, miss out on our in-jokes, off-the-wall discussions, and contests and activities designed to bring everyone closer together.

In some way, shape, or form, the core of this guild plans to move onto Guild Wars 2 together, so we're an ideal home for anyone who is looking to (eventually) go beyond what Guild Wars 1 has to offer.


We Farm Your [트두므s]

American-Based PvE Casual High-End Guild (With Occasional PvP)

ECTOs Community Forums:

If you are interested in high-end activities of all types, wishing to join an enthusiastic and lively crowd in a wonderful guild and greater community, and most of all, are willing to be an active contributor via in-game activity/forums/voice chat so everyone else can get to know you, then you would make a great fit in We Farm Your [ECTOs] and we would love to have you here.

[트두므s] Fast Facts:

  • Guild Focus: General High-End activities, such as Speed Clears, Balanced-Way, Bring Your Own Bars-Way, Title-Grinding, Farming, Zaishen / War In Kryta, and the occasional bit of PvP. Elite Areas, such as DoA, UW, FOW, Dungeons, etc.
  • Speed Clears such as FoW, UW, DoA, Kathandrax, and SoO are always going on in the guild. If you're interesting in Speed Clears, there are always people looking to do things balancedway in the guild and alliance.
  • With a rich and vibrant legacy, [ECTOs] is not just a tag. We take much pride in our guild and are seeking active, friendly and experienced players to add to our community.
  • Although a mainly American guild, there are many European, Canadian, and Austrailian players as well. You will never have any troubles when it comes to grouping in the guild and alliance.
  • Active Guild Forums And Voice Chat; Ventrilo, Discussions, Contests, And Scheduled Events.
  • Friendly community to be a part of. Fun and humorous; casual, relaxed atmosphere. NOT "business as usual" or "all serious, all of the time".
  • [ECTOs] is a family. We have our fun, but when it's time to be serious, we get down to business.
  • No pressure to be the best. Come as you are, do what you can. Learn as you go.
  • Many members are very experienced and willing to help out, as long as you're willing to learn.
  • Everybody matters here, and all members are encouraged to contribute and help out.
  • Community of players addicted not only to Guild Wars but other games too (Including Left4Dead 2, Minecraft, League of Legends and many more!)


  • 17+ Age requirement or a mature attitude
  • Completion of all Campaigns (EoTN included) with at least 2 profession IE: Mesmer, Assassin(Terra), E/Mo etc
  • Have at least 2 well developed characters and Speed Clear/High-End
  • Relevant PvE skills to be able run most builds pinged
  • Decent PvE ranks
  • A willingness to build up other relevant professions for High-End Areas.
  • A willingness to start, form and join groups for areas you wish to run.
  • A forum account.
  • Experience in at least 2 out of the 3 major areas (FoW, UW, DoA)
  • Experience in other SCs is a bonus
  • A love of the game.
  • Activity. If you go away for more than two weeks without letting an officer know, you will be kicked and sent an invite upon request.
  • A willingness to learn how to do the areas you are not experienced with
  • Listening to those who have experience in that particular area; willingness to be on vent.
  • Vent is required for most things
  • Having a microphone is nice but not a requirement
  • Respect for one another. (including PUGs)


Looking to join us? Here's how to apply (Requirements & application within)

We allow ALL guild members to evaluate our recruitment applications. Everyone's input and feedback is valued here. Depending upon the feedback your application receives, you may be asked onto our guild's Ventrilo server for a follow-up interview.

Thanks for your interest, and we hope you find what you're looking for with our community!

Contact Information

We Farm Your [트두므s] Administration:

An Up-To-Date Leader/Officers List for We Farm Your [ECTOs] can be found in the We Farm Your [ECTOs] forums, in a thread titled, The [ECTOs] Administration. Feel free to contact any of the [ECTOs] Leader/Officers for any questions or comments you may have regarding the guild/community itself or the application process.

The (ECTOs) Administration

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