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Phantom Commando [PC]
Guild Phantom Commando cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Leader Tristis Anima
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members ~ 30
Guild Hall Isle of Jade
VoIP Ventrilo, TS
Time zone UTC +1, CET

In April 2006, it happened to be the birth of [PC] in Guild Wars... Since then a lot of time has passed and many players that have formerly joined us have become either inactive due to a lack of interest and time, or have simply turned to playing another game to kill time until the arrival of GW2. What has remained are a few brave warriors, that still love Guild Wars with all its facets and can look back on past times and look forward for the things to come.

Guild Phantom Commando pf.png h i s t o r y

At the establishment in the fall of 2006 we did not yet know what will be awaiting us. After we have taken up more players on board as a reinforcement, it became clear to us that we want to be able to cover the whole range of what GW has to offer... more

Guild Phantom Commando pf.png r e c r u i t m e n t

Although [PC] exists for more than 3 years, we still looking for active members. As we are a allround guild, is every kind of player welcome. Predominantly we looking for members who are not only playful but also character to fit us. Beside to the general standards of conduct we expect from you loyalty, fidelity and commitment. If you're of the opinion that this is given, then we would be happy on a written application from you. On our webpage you can find more informations.

Guild Phantom Commando pf.png a l l i a n c e

In June 2009 we had decided to open this international "PxX" Alliance. The purpose of this alliance should be to strengthen interaction, to help each other and have a lot of fun together. Our alliance is democratically lead. A alliance council meets regularly to discuss about projects (for example events) or through any problems. Most guilds already exist for a longer time and a range of players have known each other for many months or even years. We want to build up a strong community, with people who loves Guild Wars with all the facets and wait together for the release of GW2.

Guild Phantom Commando pf.png c o n t a c t


  • Tristis Anima


  • Bad Old Man
  • Schnadern Schreiber
  • Van Healsing
  • Shala Jarias
  • Aspen An Niahm
  • Xx La Belle Xx

Phantom Commando Alliance
Leader Phantom Commando
Members Thunder From Down Under • S E X Y Shinigami M I S A • Friends Of The World • Tiny Siege Turtles • Kinetic Fallout • All U Need Is Love