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The Legion Of Feng Huang [ASH]
Guild The legion of Feng Huang Cape.png
Territory European
Faction Kurzick.png Kurzick
Type PvX & Social
No. of members 80+
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
Time zone Various

ASH was formed with a few key principals in mind. It's initial aim was to create somewhere that ASH members could enjoy themselves, relax and generally just have a good time with each other. Where trade and personal gain were unthought of and instead helping and nurturing each others individuality and unique skills were paramount.

We believe in creating a safe place for our members to work together and chat and bond with one another, with the aim of making PvE more fun and PvP a possibility.

We do not believe in trade within guild as we believe this detracts from the positive steps towards friendship that we try to ensure. Thus instead we aid each other in our endeavors and offer help and assistance towards those aims.

ASH itself was formed out of the remnants of a previous guild, through time we have waxed and waned but we now stand strong and united as a core of solid friends, who are constantly seeking to expand that circle to include new people and personalities.

Our name is derived from our creation, Feng Huang being the name of the mythical phoenix of Chinese folk lore, as we rose from the ashes, born anew , just like our namesake.

ASH is the result of the combined effort of numerous people from numerous walks of life. We have a turbulent history but one which has made us stronger and closer and more united. We have gained friends along the way and lost others. We have argued, screamed, cried and went off in huffs with one another, but still we have came back and in the true nature of friendship, forgave and worked to mend our differences.

Our membership ranges from the bold and the confidant with always a witty come back, to the quiet, the shy and the spiritual. We span many societal divides such as age, ethnicity, race, creed, gender and sexuality. It is through this that we hope to foster a diverse guild with many viewpoints and opinions, which can be utilised in making the guild enjoyable, interesting, embracing and accepting for all its many members and after almost three years, we can say that we have achieved our initial aims.

We are an adult orientated guild, most of our members being aged between 16 - 50 and thus we do not believe in censorship. However that being said offensive and intolerant behavior e.g racism, homophobia, sexism etc... will not be tolerated within the confines of the guild or the alliance.

It is believed that through these principals, we will stand united and strong, ready to enjoy and participate in the world of GW until GW2 is finally released.

Guild The legion of Feng Huang logo.jpg Guild Structure

Within the guild, all 'guildies' are equal and their opinions are given equal weight. Members are actively encouraged to participate and organize events and they may recruit new members, if they so wish. To help facilitate this, everyone is awarded officer status and the Guild Leader account is a simple storage account. It is hoped through this format we can foster a true democracy.

Guild The legion of Feng Huang logo.jpg Rules & Guidelines

1) Respect for all guild and alliance members.

2) No intolerant behavior.

3) No trading in Guild Chat.

4) Help fellow guildies and alliance members as and where possible.

5) Foster a strong environment of friendship though participating in chat and guild/alliance activities.

6) No begging for gold/items.

7) If offline for 1 month without prior notice, it will be assumed that the account is inactive and will be kicked from the guild.

Guild The legion of Feng Huang logo.jpg Join the Guild or the Alliance

Both The Legion of Feng-Huang and The Alliance in which we operate are open to new members. For consideration for admission, please contact Salome Rial either in game or via the wiki.

Guild The legion of Feng Huang logo.jpg Languages in the Guild & Alliance

Although mainly an English speaking Alliance, we embrace cultures from all over the world and the different languages which that entails. We invite everyone to communicate in their home language, when it is possible as this is just another element of the diversity of our alliance, and what we believe makes our alliance strong. However it should be noted that a grasp of English is essential to being a member as primarily most discussion does take place in English.

Guild The legion of Feng Huang logo.jpg Scheduled Events

At the moment we are operating a somewhat ad-hoc method of event scheduling. Doing runs and events as and when the notion takes us.

Guild The legion of Feng Huang logo.jpg Acknowledgment

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