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Ultimate Genesis [GEN][edit]

Ultimate Genesis [GEN]
Guild Ultimate Genesis cape.jpg
Territory America (mostly)
Faction Kurzick
Type primarily PvE
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
VoIP Ventrilo

About Us[edit]

Ultimate Genesis was originally founded toward the beginning of the retail existence of Guild Wars (Summer 2005). Like many guilds, it grew dusty and fell into some disuse. Since that time, however, the guild has changed leadership and has been recreated and revitalized.

We are a cheerful group of mature gamers who enjoy playing with a good group of friends. We currently play mostly PvE with some PvP thrown in on the side. GvG will come with our growing member base. We are not driven by a desire to have a high rank; we simply want to play together and have a good time. If you are looking for a PvP-heavy guild, you may be disappointed.

We pride ourselves on the high level of activity Guild Members display on our forum Website and in-game with frequent communication and interaction with other members. We prefer older gamers (typically 18+ is our guideline for recruiting), but the largest factor in acceptance is maturity, both in-game and out.

Guild of the Week[edit]

Ultimate Genesis was highlighted as Guild of the week in September of 2006.

Read about us on the Guild Wars Official Site Article!

Alliance History[edit]

When [GEN] and The Mature Gaming Association [MGA] originally came together, members from both guilds thoroughly enjoyed their time spent in-game together and said, "Hey, why don't we do this more often?" It was the beginning of months (so far) of fun.

Alliance members were then introduced to the distinguished membership of the Guilded Rose. The more time they spent with them, the more they wanted them in the Alliance. So, to the rejoicing of all, [Rose] joined the Alliance and enhanced everyone's fun.

The continuing desire to muster our forces for world domination led the alliance to yet another great guild. [KNR] is another guild born at the release time of GW, and they were looking for new friends when discovered.

As time moved on, the alliance found the desire to make more new friends to hang out with. Heaven's Death Knights [HDK] was found and invited to the alliance.

Then along came Fellows of Mythgar [FOM]. They liked the small army we are putting together and asked if they could join in on our crusade.

The time was right for a few new faces in the alliance. The House of Black and White [AMMD] happened along with the same values and ideas as our alliance guilds and were added to the team.

The guild that merged with [FOM] to join our alliance has been reborn as a PvP guild by several members within the alliance. Kings Beyond the Wall [KING] hopes to be a PvP guild set apart from the rest, by striving to be the best while still keeping in tradition with the values we hold dear in the alliance.

In more recent changes, [GEN] passed the Alliance Leader reigns to [MGA], and it's been business as usual.

OK, so while our plans to take over the world of Tyria may still be in the works, we feel that the more people we have in our guilds that share our passion for keeping the game clean and fun, the better off we all are.

Regretfully, [LoKi] disbanded and the founders went their separate ways. Fortunately, a handful of its fine members were absorbed into [GEN] and remain integral members of the alliance. Some of our former alliance allies have also parted ways, we wish the best of luck to them in their adventures.

Join Us[edit]

Current recruiting status = Open

Feel free to sign up for an account on our forums and get to know our members. If you would like to join Ultimate Genesis, please follow the instructions in the announcement of the 'New Guild Applications' forum.

Non-Guild Members have access to the public portion of our forums and may or may not have rights to vote in our polls depending on if it's a guild-related issue or not.

In-Game Contacts[edit]

Guild Leader: Ite Yojimbo

Guild Officers: Curatio Ventus, Alpha Particle, Euroupa Undii, Lord Baalzamon



User Box[edit]

The [GEN] userbox is available for use by members:
Guild Ultimate Genesis icon.jpg This user is a member of the guild Ultimate Genesis [GEN]

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