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Wanton Nomads [WN]
Guild Wanton Nomads Cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Lilli Marlene
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE/PvP
No. of members ~45
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle

Wanton Nomads [WN][edit]

Wanton Nomads [WN] is a PvE based guild. The guild has currently been rebuilding under a new leader and is a small guild compared to many others. However, the Nomads have been trying to revive their guild and alliance. The guild started out as the Witenagemot led by Domethilde Du Lac aka Dena Deathbringer. On Aug 3, 2006 the guild joined the Monstrous Brigade Alliance. Shortly thereafter,the name and guild was changed to Wanton Nomads, and rejoined the alliance as the Wanton Nomads on Oct. 26, 2006. Lilli Marlene, a member, and officer in the former Witenagemot guild since April of 2006, eventually inherited the guild from Domethilde Du Lac in July of 2008, and is currently the Guild Leader of the now Wanton Nomads. Domethilde Du Lac went on to join the Veritas Invictus [TRUE] Guild, and will always hold a special place in hearts of the Wanton Nomads .... you are missed. On January 5, 2009, the Wanton Nomads left the Monstrous Brigade alliance and joined a new alliance, Da Guild, and became Kurzick. We are excited about this change, and look forward to the interaction with the new alliance.


[WN] Has no limitations on who may join. In fact, they are often seen recruiting around Ascalon. We enjoy new players, all ages and levels, as well as "old" experienced players. The only thing we ask is that you follow the rules of the Alliance, and be courteous and helpful to each other. Feel free to contact the Guild Leader or any of the Officers in game, for an invitation, and they will send it. But please, don't waste our time if you're just guild-hopping. All active players are promoted to officer, thereby making everyone equal, and able to recruit.


Guild Leader: Lilli Marlene

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