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Wheres The Rum [SAVY][edit]

Wheres The Rum SAVY
Territory America/Europe
Language English
Leader Wren Raveness
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members generally 60 - 80
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation [1]
VoIP Vent/Xfire
Forums Forum

Wheres The Rum was formed around International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009 by Loopyfist Master. SAVY is a drama free environment for gaming and together with the officers and members, they work tirelessly to make it so. They also make it their duty to not only make Guildwars a fun environment for their members, but for the whole Guildwars community. We are a small guild of helpful, friendly, and active players. Many of our members are knowledgeable and experienced in the game and are always willing to help new players in guild wars. We are mainly a PvE guild but do some PvP. The purpose of SAVY is to create a fun, helpful, active and friendly atmosphere in the game.


We are always looking for new memebers to join. Only requirements are mature behavior; polite and respsectful to all players and if need to be afk for more than 2 weeks, please let an officer know.


Events currently, previously and plan on being involved in:

  • Allaince events

1 vs 1

Title farming

Contact information[edit]


Wren Raveness


Loopyfist Master

Scarecrow Slaughter

Zero Sonic Steps

Raging Wolf

Valerian Twilight

Max Everlight

Peoples Anarchist

Here to Just [PLAY] Alliance
Leader Here to Just [PLAY]
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