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AI skills usage

General direction[edit]

The goal of this Project is to determine if a user's report is either:

  • Poor AI programming by developers (malfunction) or
  • A player's misunderstanding.

To document studies of how the AI uses skills, we follow traditional scientific method:

  1. Theories,
  2. Testing,
  3. Systematic Observations and
  4. Replicating results.

The primary focus is on hero behavior, but players are also interested in whether usage is consistent across all NPCs, including other allies (e.g. henchmen or summons), foes, and scripted characters (e.g. Togo during Vizunah Square).

Conclusive data will later on be transfered to individual skill pages.


There have frequently been claims of AI behavior posted as facts (on this wiki and elsewhere) based on anecdotal reports. The idea is to gather enough data to better support any conclusions presented on the official wiki.

If the project does its job well, anyone should be able to present their own experience to suggest a potential issue with NPC skill usage, whether it's an inefficient or inappropriate usage, unexpected, or just plain odd. This issue can then be researched by those willing to invest the time and results can be presented in such a way that anyone can confirm them.

Reports to ANet?[edit]

No, this is not the place. If you have reports that are certain (properly confirmed), address them at the Talk:Hero_behavior/Unexpected_behavior page instead which is checked by Joe Kimmes Talk Page‎. This is not feedbacks.


Users who can provide assistance and help with improvements are welcomed to add their own username to this list:



Users willing to join this endevour are requiered to follow these steps:

1.- Provide background support, sharing your own hero set-ups like this example (click here): Max Health/Energy, Runes/Insignias, Weaponry, Builds and extra notes.

2 (A).- Make a new page after: Guild_Wars_Wiki:Projects/AI_skills_usage/(skill_name) if it does not exist already.


2 (B).- Do not jump to conclusions from few tests, provide several instances with brief descriptions. Copy & Paste the following Template: Guild Wars Wiki:Projects/AI skills usage/Testing and fill it up with your experiences.

3.- All Users are invited to Participate in skill observations currently under testings.

4.- Users are invited to Replicate others experiments. This is the most collective effort under this project, which shall bring light and truth to the work done here.

Listing for study[edit]

Below this text, write down the skill you are feeling is being missued by AIs. Also add a small description of the circunstances you have witness its incorrect usage. Copy and paste the following template: {{skill icon|skill name}} to list down by writting the skill name after the vertical bar (" | ").

Currently under testing[edit]

  • Comfort Animal (Ranger - Beast Mastery) Incomplete Added: 2012 July 14th

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