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About the Player

Real World Information

My real name is Wendy Black, I am 56 years 9 months old today.
Note: While this is my legal name, I do NOT own the online character "Wendy Black".
I am much more creative than to use my real name for a role playing character.
I am married, with two children, both of my sons have accounts on Guild Wars. I have been active almost daily in Guild Wars for 10 years 11 months and EotN as of Christmas 2012. I also enjoy other social gaming communities on my Facebook. I would love it if you added me as a friend, remember to use one of my character's names listed below.
I have prior experience with World of Warcraft but it got too boring. Since joining Guild Wars, friends have invited me to join other online role playing games. I played Rift, Star Trek Online, Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter D&D, and nothing compares to the original Guild Wars. Please check out my talk page and leave me a comment about whatever you want.
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Inside My Characters

User Wendy Black My Guild Wars Characters.jpg
Red Death Witch
The first character I made when I started my trial account. She is a N/Mo 20 and still not complete with this game. I suppose if I had a main character this would be it. However she was idle for some time while I got Kukull and the Baron up to level 20. My oldest son ran me over to Lion's Arch. I felt kind of rushed along at that point, but she has suffered the defeat of the Sunspear's and assisted Togo in Cantha. Recently she has obtained the titles; "Protector of Tyria" and "Protector of Cantha". Just after the searing as the charr began to invade, her brother was killed before her eyes. She didn't stop fighting, she turned her brother into a boned minion and killed the charr that took his life.
User Wendy Black Red Death Witch.png
User Wendy Black Dirk Dark Phoenix.png Dirk Dark Phoenix
The character's name is derived from the movie "Mystery Men". When Roy aka Mr. Furious is asked his real name by the waitress he convoluted the name Dark Dirk Phoenix but then confesses Roy is his real name. Dirk was originally N/Rt and due to his vanity his armor keeps changing color and styles. Dirk being both a necromancer and a ritualist places him in a very dark frame of mind. His creed is this; "Everyone has a darkside, only by embracing yours, can you understand and control it. Otherwise it will hide inside you, waiting for the first sign of weakness, to take you over.". This theme is also found in his motto, "Through death, my chains are broken." stated on the top of his character sheet. Another flaw in his personality is his ego, he thinks of himself as being a rock star or Mr. Popular. He has delusions of fame and grandeur. Lately this was made worse when he won the Bison Cup and Crown.
Su Doku Jedi
Sudoku is a math puzzle and I believe the dervish dress a lot like Jedi from the Phantom Menace. I guess this character is a bit of a mystery. A shy man who is all about the fight, being both dervish and warrior he is attempting to become the best warrior he can be. A quiet man with deadly skills and devotion. His father, a general in the Sunspears, who taught Jedi much about warfare; "If ten times the enemy's strength, surround them. If five times, attack them. If double, divide them. If equal, be able to fight them. If fewer, be able to evade them. If weaker, avoid them.". His grandfather fought in the Second Great Corsair War holding the rank of Sunspear Master Sergeant.
User Wendy Black Su Duko Jedi.png
User Wendy Black Kukull Pyped.png Kukull Phanto Pyped
This character's name is the word 'puppet' (more or less) repeated 3 times in 3 different languages. The first name is Albanian (kukull is doll or puppet). Phanto is from the Italian word fantoccio. Finally pyped is Welsh for puppet. She is the first of my puppets to achieve the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title. Unlike the Red Death Witch before her she has taken her time to complete some of the quests of Ascalon before she headed out over the mountains to find her people a new home. Recently she traveled to Cantha for the Canthan armor. She still wears the drakescale but reserves another set inside her small equipment pack from her days in Ascalon. Back in Ascalon she spent most of her days killing the grawl, picking fights with the charr, and rescuing Duke Gaban from the catacombs. But she misses her pet fire imp "Gimpy" who you can see a music video on YouTube. On January 9th, 2013, she beat Hell's Precipice, learning never trust a man in pantaloons with a Cuban accent!
Baron Velspa
When not cracking jokes in Ascalon, Baron Velspa is now level 20 and plans to stay put. On January 31st, 2012 he ascended to the title Defender of Ascalon. He is a E/Me and holds a special name all his own. Back in the day, I wrote a short story fantasy about vampires and his character was a pivotal role. I am talking about the Ann Rice vampires and not those modern emo sparkly kind. Baron Velspa is happy to assist the good people of Ascalon. If you see the Baron standing around in Ascalon he will open the gate at no charge. I've been asked why he remains in presearing, the answer is real simple. The Baron died in the searing of Ascalon in the effort to save others. Out of all my characters here on Guild Wars the Baron has the most detailed back story.
User Wendy Black Baron Velspa.png
User Wendy Black Azurial Mentalice.png
Azurial Mentalice
She is my third Defender of Ascalon, on March 22, 2012 she left and join the Ascalon Academy. She is a E/R with her pet wolf Moon Rusher. It took less than 24 hours of game time to get her up to level 10. She is a regular lunatic (like me). Her name is a little bit of word play; Azurial = 'blue material' and Mental Alice as in Alice in Wonderland. In the past, she stayed at the Ashford Abbey. So if you meet up with her she might start her crazy talk. She had two friends in Ascalon, Angry Honey Badger who she keeps referring to as Mr. Cat, and Doomsday Thats It who she called "Brother" but is not her real brother, left for the Academy two days before her. The monks found her and some notes are mentioned in the Presearing Journals about her past. Most assume she witnessed her brother killed by the charr and somehow managed to escape them. It remains unknown what became of her parents.
Kashi Uejini
Kashi Uejini is phonetic Japanese for Apparent Death by Starvation or so I have been told. This character is one of 4 members inside my guild known as the Four Horsemen. The brain child behind this group is Doomsday Thats It who is the first horseman. Armageddon Warlord is the second horseman and the fourth is being created by yet another member of TIF. The objective of the group remains unknown to me. All four members have pets named Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. Sounds like a lot of fun...
User Wendy Black Kashi Uejini.png
User Wendy Black Shade.png
Shade of Velspa
This is Baron Velspa after the searing, yes I made two of him. You can find this one hanging out almost anywhere in post-searing. He is a Defender of Ascalon just as he was before he died. Since his death he has returned to aid and assist others in need of his help. The manner of his return is an odd story, but according to Velspa, during a battle between Dhuum, Grenth, and a few other deities, he ripped a small patch off Dhuum's cloak. Longing to return to Ascalon, Velspa returned in a semi-corporeal state. He quickly attached the fragment of cloth to his own death shroud. Now when he falls in battle, he discovered that he simply returns after a short rest. Velspa hopes to regain remainder of his life back, which he felt was cut far too short by the searing.

The Imaginary Friends [TIF]

"Hundreds of imaginary members, and a few real ones."
User Wendy Black Guild Hall.jpg
Our guild is not picky about who joins or leaves the guild. The guild hall is the Imperial Isle design fully stocked as of August 6th, 2012. We are not as active as we have been. I am neither recruiting or turning people away. Since the August 2012 release of Guild Wars 2, more people are coming into Guild Wars. Presearing Ascalon is very active you can find Baron Velspa in there most days.