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Quests project

The objective of this project is to fill out all information for every quest. That is all of the relevant parameters in the infoboxs need to be filled out with the proper information. Dialogue and objectives need to be copied verbatim from in game. Overviews and walkthroughs need to be written. Also, add any notes such as elite skill captures, bugs, and tips that may be helpful.


Anyone is welcome to add themselves to this list if they want to help with this project. You are under no obligations and can leave at any time.



How to help[edit]

There are many areas where quest articles can be improved. Some general thoughts to keep in mind:

  • If you are unsure about formatting, don't let that deter you from adding information. Somebody that knows the formatting guidelines can cleanup for you. It's better to add content even if it's not formatted consistently than to have no information. Keep in mind that some quests have special circumstances where it might need to deviate from the formatting guidelines. This is fine as there are some unusual quests.
  • If there is a disagreement about something, please discuss rather than have an edit war.


Some quests still lack information like overviews, walkthroughs, etc.


The guidelines can be found at Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/Quests. Feel free to participate in discussions and propose new ideas. Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/Article names explains how to handle quests that share names with other quests, items, etc.

Updating project page[edit]

  • Check to make sure all of the quests are listed in the checklists. Some festival and core quests may be missing.
  • Go through all of the quests and keep this page updated.
  • Start adding information to all of the quests.
  • Once quest is filled out mark it for a double check.
  • If quest needs double check take a look at it and see if there is anymore info to add.
    • If more info is needed add it if you can, if you can't take note of it.
    • If quest is complete mark it as done.


There is discussion here about moving quest specific NPCs out of location pages and into quest pages. The formatting guide will need to be updated with whatever is decided on. Feel free to add NPCs for now and the formatting can be fixed later.


A lot of quest pages can benefit from having a map. Try to reference markers and routes in the walkthrough.


In general, wiki links are only needed for the first time a topic is mentioned. For instance, Master Togo does not need to be linked every time his name is mentioned in dialogue. More details here.


Categories allow easier navigation between similar quests. The quest infobox automatically categorizes all quests by campaign, region, and type. Category:Quests by reward is a manual categorization and incomplete. The naming convention is a little inconsistent, but the main thing is getting all the quests categorize. A bot can rename the categories at a later point.

Minor things[edit]

  • Remove [Skills] etc. after npc names in dialogue headers.
  • Remove Difficulty: Masters from initial dialogue of quests (not part of dialogue and already listed in infobox).
  • Make sure quests with disambig don't have the disambig word in the name field of the infobox.
  • There is some discussion here about making <name>, <player name>, <Player Name>, etc. in dialogue consistent. Probably deciding on one and use a bot to change all instances is the easiest solution.

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Pre-Searing Ascalon 69% (40/58)
Ascalon 0% (0/58)
Northern Shiverpeaks 0% (0/20)
Kryta 0% (0/20)
Maguuma Jungle 9% (1/11)
Crystal Desert 7% (1/14)
Southern Shiverpeaks 0% (0/10)
Sorrow's Furnace 0% (0/14)
Ring of Fire Island Chain 100% (1/1)
Total 21% (43/206)
Shing Jea Island 0%(0/104)
Kaineng City 0%(0/59)
Echovald Forest 0%(0/26)
The Jade Sea 0%(0/27)
Total 0% (0/216)
The Fissure of Woe 63% (7/11)
The Underworld 0% (0/10)
The Battle Isles 0% (0/3)
Total 0% (0/24)
Istan 0%(0/108)
Kourna 0%(0/53)
Vabbi 0%(0/47)
The Desolation 12%(3/24)
Realm of Torment 0%(0/33)
Domain of Anguish 0%(0/10)
Total 4% (3/275)
Quest Project
Total Completion 0% (0/721)