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Formatting guideline

This page is an accepted formatting guideline on the Guild Wars Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all contributors should follow. Before editing this page, it is suggested to gather consensus on the talk page first.


Article (and category) names shall generally follow a naming convention, as described below, in order to ensure clear and unique identification, to avoid broken links, to reduce the need for redirects, and to prevent redundant articles being created on the same subject.

In case of doubt, apply the name that seems to fit best according to the rules described below, but create redirects for other name variations.

Definition articles[edit]

A definition article is defined as an article which documents the object, term, or entity named by the article. They explain the meaning of the articles name.

Use the exact in-game spelling for proper nouns[edit]

Names of skills, specific locations, quests, unique items, specific NPCs, and campaigns are to be considered proper nouns for this purpose.

Use the same name as the in-game "label", with the exact same punctuation and capitalization, generally in singular.

Preferred Discouraged
(redirect acceptable)
"Go for the Eyes!" Go for the Eyes!
"Go for the eyes!"
"Go For The Eyes!"
"Go for the Eyes"
Yak's Bend Yak's bend
Ssuns, Blessed of Dwayna Ssuns
Ssuns, blessed of Dwayna
Suns - Blessed of Dwayna

Use lowercase for common nouns[edit]

Names for these are to be considered common nouns: skill types, professions, location types, NPC services, etc. Uppercase characters should still be used when appropriate for other reasons (in acronyms, for example). Note that MediaWiki forces the first character of article names to be capitalized, so this will not break wiki links that are in all-lowercase form.

Some common nouns are capitalized in-game when used in name labels. In these cases, a redirect from the capitalized term to the lowercase is advised.

Preferred Discouraged
(redirects acceptable)
elite skill
Elite skill
Elite Skill
explorable area
Explorable area
Explorable Area
rune trader
Rune trader
Rune Trader
Category:Rare material traders Category:Rare Material Traders
Category:Rare Material traders

Disambiguation identifiers[edit]

In cases where one or more topics share a common name, disambiguation identifiers are required to differentiate the articles on them. This takes the form of a suffix in parentheses (generally in lowercase) after the basic name. The term to be used as the disambiguation identifier should be a defining type, and not an arbitrary term.

When only two articles share the same name, always try to make use of the {{Otheruses}} template to indicate that another article that bears the same name exists. Only one of the two need bear a disambiguation identifier. See the subsection on naming priorities below.

Should there be more than two articles sharing the same name, consider creating a disambiguation page. A disambiguation page is one which is given the base name and links to all the articles that share the same name. All those articles should use a disambiguation identifier in such a case. A brief description of each of the articles should also be provided in the disambiguation page (see Scythe of Chaos for an example). Remember to mark disambiguation pages with {{disambig}}.

Avoid using disambiguation identifiers for narrowing the scope of categories and non-topic articles (see the next section). These should generally be differentiated in the base name only (avoiding any use of parentheses).

Preferred Discouraged
(redirect acceptable)
Raisu Palace (explorable area) Raisu Palace (Explorable Area)
Raisu Palace (Explorable area)
Shadow of Fear (boss)
Shadow of Fear (NPC)
Shadow of Fear (Boss)
Shadow of Fear (not a boss)
Category:Prophecies locations Category:Locations (Prophecies)
Category:Locations in Prophecies
Category:Necromancer attributes Category:Attributes (Necromancer)
Category:Attributes (necromancer)

Name priorities[edit]

When it comes to disambiguation, a decision must be made on which page gets the disambiguation identifier. In general, the broader definition of a term or name (i.e. article subject) gets priority over a narrower definition. In cases where the disambiguation type or scope appears to be on the same level, then all the pages in question will need a disambiguation identifier and a disambiguation page needs to be created.

Examples (differing broad/narrow definition):

Examples (similar broad/narrow definition):


  • Skill articles always get name priority over articles on items, locations, or creatures of the same name.
  • Mission and quest articles generally get name priority over articles on outposts, towns, and explorable areas of the same name, the only exception is temporary festival event missions. Outposts and towns always get priority over explorable areas.
  • Articles of anything introduced specifically for a special event always get the lowest priority.

Non-topic articles[edit]

Most articles are named after and provide general information on a single topic. However, some articles are made to provide additional information on one aspect of a topic, often in the form of a reference page, guide, or list.

The accepted naming format: "<article type> of/to <subject> [by <sort method>]"

Avoid using disambiguation identifiers as a suffix in parentheses for these. Put the relevant information in the subject instead.

Use lowercase for the type, subject, and method (unless it is a proper noun, acryonym that should be capitalized, etc).

Preferred Discouraged
(redirect acceptable)
List of skill trainers
List of skill trainers by location
Skill trainer list
Skill trainers by location list
Skill trainer list by location
List of Skill Trainers
List of Prophecies missions and primary quests Prophecies missions
Missions (Prophecies)
Guide to character creation Character creation guide
Guide to creation of characters


Category names should adhere to the guidelines laid out above in addition to the following:

  • Type category names should be plural.
  • Verb-form category names should be singular.
Preferred Discouraged
Category:Merchants Category:Merchant
Category:Contains bone Category:Contain bones

Redirects do not work with categories. See Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/Categories for more guidelines specific to categories.