Mysterious Message (Prophecies quest)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Prophecies quest. For other uses, see Mysterious Message.
Mysterious Message
Section Maguuma Jungle Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Envoy Ero
in Druid's Overlook
(Maguuma Jungle)
Type Secondary quest
Mysterious Message (Prophecies quest) map.jpg
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A message needs to be delivered, but it involves a long and potentially dangerous trek. Rather than doing it himself, Envoy Ero seeks a group of adventurers to do it for him.

Quest information[edit]




Make the trek into Mamnoon Lagoon from either Druid's Overlook or The Wilds. Once there, you will find groups of Jungle Skale and patrols of 5 Wind Riders circling the lagoon that can be quite challenging for mid-level characters; however, it is possible to avoid the Wind Rider patrols.

Put the message in the log (simply click on the Hollow Log, it's an interactive object) and circle the lake to get to the next zone, Silverwood. From there head west and talk to Alari Doubleblade. Alternatively, if you have been to either Quarrel Falls or Bloodstone Fen, you can map travel and start from there.

When you will have noticed Alari, the Wind Riders nearby may start to attack her. Try to reach her quickly and defeat the foes, otherwise she may be killed and you will need to re-enter the zone.

Note: Although Alari is close to the Bloodstone Fen entrance to Silverwood, the path to her is actually a lot shorter from the Quarrel Falls entrance which you'll pass right by if you use the Bloodstone Fen entrance. Save yourself some time and take the right-hand fork immediately outside Quarrel Falls.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Envoy Ero
"Are you with the Shining Blade? I come in peace bearing a message for them. I am supposed to have dropped the message in a hollow log located in someplace called Mamnoon Lagoon, but quite frankly, this forest makes me nervous. If you would be so good as to deliver the message for me, I'm certain your friends in the Shining Blade would be most appreciative. After you drop off the message, seek out Alari Doubleblade in Silverwood and tell her that the message has been delivered.
Will you do this for me?"
Yes Accept: "I'll deliver the message."
No Decline: "I am no mere messenger."
Ask Ask: "Place the message in the hollow log. It is to the west in Mamnoon Lagoon. Remember to inform Alari Doubleblade in Silverwood that it has been delivered."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Alari Doubleblade
"Ero gave the message to you to deliver? I'd kill that cowardly son of a skale if he wasn't so useful. I know it might look bad that I'm speaking to the White Mantle, but I have been blackmailing Ero for information on their troop movements. Tell nobody about this arrangement; if it gets back to the wrong people, our information will literally be cut off at the source."


  • This quest may confuse players playing through the Prophecies storyline for the first time, because when you get to Druid's Overlook in the storyline, you are chasing the Shining Blade to save the Chosen they've kidnapped.
  • Alari further compounds the confusion by giving you The Price of Steel, which sends you to Quarrel Falls and can cause you to skip those missions and break the storyline.