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O needs objectives
W needs walkthrough
D missing some or all dialogue
R needs reward
V needs overview
M needs map

The Fissure of Woe[edit]

To Do Comments
A Gift of Griffons D-W-M 0
Army of Darkness
Defend the Temple of War
Khobay the Betrayer
Restore the Temple of War
Slaves of Menzies W-M 0
The Eternal Forgemaster
The Hunt D 0
The Wailing Lord
Tower of Courage
Tower of Strength W-D 0

The Underworld[edit]

To Do Comments
Clear the Chamber M 0
Demon Assassin M-D 0
Escort of Souls M-D 0
Imprisoned Spirits M-D 0
Restoring Grenth's Monuments M-D 0
Servants of Grenth M-D 0
Terrorweb Queen M-D 0
The Four Horsemen M 0
Unwanted Guests M 0
Wrathful Spirits M 0

The Battle Isles[edit]

To Do Comments
The Nameless Masters W-V
The Team Trials W-V generic dialogue probably should be separated from the ones specific to each arena since some are repeated
The Path of the Zaishen Elite O-W-D-V