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Skill trainers project

This project is aimed at verifying the skills taught by all the skill trainers in the game. Since most (if not all) information on skill trainers was copied from the "old" GuildWiki, it is advised to double check to make sure the info is correct.



  • Create the skill trainer's page if it doesn't exist yet
  • Read about the unlocking mechanism. For skills it means that any unlocked skill on your account will be offered by all the skill trainers of the appropriate campaign
  • Don't add skills that have (Unlocked) as prefix
  • Do not add skills that are shared with previous trainers. Rather, add a note listing those trainers (see Michiko for an example of this).
  • Use Category:Skill trainers to find the existing skill trainer articles per campaign. The Research needed-category also has 2 links which can be useful: Skills without known Factions / Nightfall trainers
  • Make use of the {{Skill trainer list}} template to add skills
  • Most importantly: check the skill page itself and adjust the Acquisition-section accordingly to keep things synchronized. See Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/Skills if you're not sure where (and if) to put your trainer
  • If a trainer has his skill list 100% confirmed, then strike his name with <s></s>


  • You can keep a list of skills that need checking on the trainer's talk page, for future reference
  • Additionally, if the page needs further formatting you'll need to check Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/NPCs
  • Fill out any missing sections i.e. dialogue or location. Use the {{NPC location}} template for auto-categorization.
  • Make any corrections to the NPC infobox parameters if necessary.
  • Capture images of the skill trainer (see Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/Images for guidelines on screen capture).
  • To busy to take an image ? Then add {{image needed}} to articles missing an image.
  • Add {{npc-stub}} to any articles missing sections.


Since the Prophecies skill trainers list on the old GuildWiki already had correct information, means that this project primarily focuses on skill trainers in other campaigns, starting with Factions.
It is possible that certain skills are taught before you reach a certain trainer (through quests). These are indistinguishable skills which can be mentioned on the trainer's talk page.
Below you'll find a list of all skill trainers per campaign, ordered in the same way you'll (likely) encounter them in-game.


  • Note: starting on Shing Jea Island, skill offering is cumulative up to Michiko in Kaineng, meaning every 'new' trainer you encounter offers the same skills as a previous one + some new ones. Skill trainers after Michiko seem to have a skill offering based on Michiko's list. Part of this project is to make correct lists, not based on assumptions.

Shing Jea Island[edit]

Kaineng City[edit]

Apart from quest skill rewards, these are all confirmed. Erszebet

Echovald Forest[edit]

The Jade Sea[edit]


  • Note: Zendeht in the Gate of Torment is believed to offer all non-elite Core and NF skills.




The Desolation[edit]

  • Kodash Bazaar - Baram
  • Yahnur Market - Resh
  • Grand Court of Sebelkeh - Yuli
  • Mouth of Torment - Dau

Eye of North[edit]

Far Shiverpeaks[edit]

Tarnished Coast[edit]