Into the Breach

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Into the Breach
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Warmaster Grast
in Old Ascalon
Preceded by Military Matters
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Warrior)
Into the Breach map.jpg
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Help Captain West defend the Breach from three Charr waves.

Quest information[edit]




Environmental changes[edit]

  • The allies that are spawned by this quest will continue to remain in The Breach after this quest is completed.


Talk to Warmaster Grast and head west until you reach the Hammer Gate where Gate Guard Hollis is posted. Enter The Breach and head towards the quest marker to find Captain West's group, help them fend off three waves of incoming Charr groups. Once all three waves are defeated, return to Warmaster Grast to claim your reward.



Humans (Ascalon)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Warmaster Grast
"You couldn't have come at a better time! Word from Captain West at the Breach is that a Charr attack is imminent. Get yourself there as quickly as you can, and help Captain West repel the Charr attack!
Ascalon is counting on you!"
Yes Accept: "To the Breach!"
No Decline: "I'm suddenly not feeling well."
Ask Ask: "Get to the breach! Captain West can't hold out by herself for long!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Captain West: "Thank goodness you showed up. The Charr are almost here."
Captain West: "That's the last of them! <Character name>, report back to Warmaster Grast and inform him that we hold the Breach."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Warmaster Grast
"You gave those Charr a good taste of Ascalon steel, eh? That is good news indeed. Captain West shall continue to guard the area, but without your help, all would have been lost. I am honored to serve beside you, <character name>."