Iron Horse War Machine

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Iron Horse War Machine
Section Northern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Rangil Ironbow
in Traveler's Vale
(Northern Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Minaar's Worry
Type Secondary quest
Iron Horse War Machine map.jpg
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Rangil Ironbow, after reading the War Machine Plans, wants you to go into the Iron Horse Mine and sabotage the War Machine control levers.

Quest information[edit]





After obtaining the quest, go through the portal into the Iron Horse Mine. Once there, follow the map marker to a Dwarven Powder Keg Station, obtain a keg and drop near a lever. While you are doing this watch out for patrols. Drop a keg on each of the 3 clusters of levers to finish the quest, and return to Rangil Ironbow for your reward. Try to drop the keg in the centre of the lever clusters, otherwise it might not destroy all three levers with one keg.

If you are not planning on doing any other quests after this or do not mind the death penalty, a quick way back to Rangil is to allow your party to die and respawn at the entrance to Traveler's Vale.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Rangil Ironbow
"Something troubles me about these here plans. Whoever made them the first time, can probably make them again. I mean, they figured it out once already, right? If we want to stop 'em from making the blasted thing, we need to take away their means of production. I saw a group of engineers pulling a cart full of explosive barrels through here earlier heading toward the middle of the mines. Ye should be able to jump them and use those explosives to sabotage the levers."
Yes Accept: "I'll handle this."
No Decline: "I'm not good with explosives."
Ask Ask: "Go to the Iron Horse Mine, and follow the cables; they'll lead ye to the areas ye need to get to. Use the barrels of explosives to sabotage the war machine."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Rangil Ironbow
"Whoa! I haven't seen explosions like that since Rornak dropped his pipe into a shipment of Dragon Stone! We'd better let things calm down a bit. They're sending in reinforcements as we speak."


The reward staff possess an inherent +5 armor vs physical damage (and is not due to a staff wrapping). In addition, it can be dyed, unlike other weapons sharing its skin.