Minaar's Worry

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Minaar's Worry
Section Northern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Rangil Ironbow
in Traveler's Vale
(Northern Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Minaar's Trouble
Followed by Iron Horse War Machine
Type Secondary quest
Minaar's Worry map.jpg
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Go back into Iron Horse Mine and steal the plans for their new war machine.

Quest Information[edit]





Go back into Iron Horse Mine and take the same path you took to reach Minaar. Continue on past the cave and you will find Ore Darkwhip just on the other end of the mining area. He'll drop the war machine plans when you kill him. Grab them and take them back to Rangil.



Dwarf (Stone Summit)
One or two at random, of the following:


Dwarf (Stone Summit)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Rangil Ironbow
"Before he left, Minaar told me about something he overheard while he was a prisoner. The guards seemed very excited about the arrival of someone called Ore Darkwhip. Seems he was bringing plans for some great new war machine the mean to use against all the humans ranging around the mountains these days. I think ye ought to head back into the Iron Horse Mine, find Ore Darkwhip, and steal those plans."
Yes Accept: "I'll get you those plans!"
No Decline: "Maybe later."
Ask Ask: "It's unlikely they'll leave the plans out in the open for just anyone to find. Darkwhip probably carries them on his person. Minaar mentioned something about a cave to the northeast. Said Darkwhip usually comes back there after patrolling the rest of the camp. Look for him there, and get those plans."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Rangil Ironbow
"Hmm... Let me see what they say...
Hoarfrost of the Shiverpeaks. That's the mother of all war machines! I don't even see how they'd move it! Oh wait, I see. Clever, that... Deldrimor's Beard, this could be trouble."


  • If you attempt this quest with multiple players, only one "war machine plans" is required to complete the quest. Have the player that picked up the plans talk to Rangil and everyone can complete the quest.
  • The Battle Axe given as a reward uses the Dwarven Axe skin.
Anomaly Anomaly.The axe reward does not specify a damage type.