Luxury Goods

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Luxury Goods
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Officer Chitaro
in Wajjun Bazaar
(Kaineng City)
Type Secondary quest
Luxury Goods map.jpg
Route from Kaineng Center.

Deliver Elonian Mirrors to the poor of Kaineng City.

Quest information[edit]




Once in Bukdek Byway, you have to take the Elonian Mirrors to the Homeless Canthans in order. The locations of the Homeless Canthans are on the map to the right.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Officer Chitaro
"The Canthan people are crying out for help during this time of crisis, and the Celestial Ministry hears their pleas. We have received a shipment of home furnishings...mirrors, actually, from far off Elona. We need help distributing these precious items to those in dire need."
"Will you help the homeless of Cantha?"
Yes Accept: "I would be honored to deliver these fine mirrors to the poor."
No Decline: "No thanks. I broke a mirror once and I still have bad luck."
Ask Ask: "Please deliver the goods to any homeless Canthans you encounter."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Homeless Canthan
"What is this? A mirror? A MIRROR? Unless it is the magical food-producing kind, I have no need for it. Do you have any food?"
Homeless Canthan
"Those ministry simps are so out of touch. They somehow outdo themselves every year by giving us something a little bit nicer and a little more useless. A few more years of this and I can open up my own tourist shop. Bah!"
Homeless Canthan
"I appreciate you delivering this, but can you not see we have no need for such things? All of us have basically given up on the ministry when it comes to matters of survival. Thankfully, the emperor is much more attuned to the people and manages to provide for us."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Officer Chitaro
"Useless you say? I had no idea that they already had mirrors! I thank you for the information. It looks like we must outdo ourselves next time. Perhaps some ornate garden gnomes would resonate better with the beggars? Hmm..."