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Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Magni the Bison
in Gunnar's Hold
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Required hero Kahmu
Preceded by The Norn Fighting Tournament (must defeat Kahmu)
Type Secondary quest
Quest Norhood short.jpg
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Help Kahmu track and slay a mighty jotun to redeem himself in the eyes of Norn for his defeat to Magni the Bison.

Quest information[edit]


  • Required Hero: Kahmu


  • Track down and destroy the troublesome jotun to prove Kahmu's worthiness.
  • See Magni the Bison for your reward.



The jotun that you have to defeat is Lann Browsmasher, who can be found in Drakkar Lake. The fastest way to reach him is to head south from Sifhalla. Along the way, Kahmu will point out clues. The clues also appear as Suspicious Markings (holding down the ALT key). If you do not see the Suspicious Markings while heading south, Lann Browsmasher will spawn to the west of the wolf shrine. He seems to spawn in three locations:

  • Near the Stone Summit encampment, the Jotun boss near Sifhalla.
  • West of the wolf shrine or Curse of the Nornbear mission marker in the cave hallway.
  • Along the eastern shore of the lake.

Lann Browsmasher will become visible. Killing it will complete the quest.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Magni the Bison

"Let me tell you of the Dervish, Kahmu. My people speak of him with great reverence... a Norn born in the wrong body. I had such high hopes for him until his... unfortunate... defeat in my tournament. If Kahmu wants to prove he's worthy to stand with us, there is a ritual he can undertake. He must track down and slay a mighty beast. Simple, really."
"A great jotun is harassing travelers en route to my tournament. Hunt down the beast and Kahmu may redeem himself in our eyes. It was last seen in Drakkar Lake, near the outskirts of Sifhalla. You would be wise to begin your search there."
Yes Accept: "Time to prove your Nornhood, Kahmu."
No Decline: "I reject cultural labels. Kahmu'll be fine on his own."
Ask Ask: "Are your tracking skills so poor? Head to Sifhalla and search for the beast within Drakkar Lake."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When the Jotun spawns on the lake shore:

Kahmu: "See these? Jotun tracks. They lead to the south. I suggest that we follow."
Kahmu: "The tracks are becoming more erratic. I cannot tell if the creature is inebriated or merely an oaf. It appears to have continued to the south."
Kahmu: "This tree appears to have been hugged... and recently. The tracks here are fresh, and leading toward the frozen lake. The beast is nearby!"
Lann Browsmasher: "You fight Lann? Me put lanterns out!"

When the Jotun spawns in the caves:

Kahmu: "See here, these are jotun tracks. They lead to the west. No doubt it has gone into that cave..."
Kahmu: "Look at the debris. Something delicate and ornate was destroyed. The tracks move away from it, toward the south."
Kahmu: "These tracks are fresh! We are almost upon the beast!"
Lann Browsmasher: "You fight Lann? Me put lanterns out!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Magni the Bison

"So, you return victorious! I knew that there was yet potential within Kahmu! Tell him that under Norn tradition, he is now a man! Perhaps someday Kahmu will grow up to be a splendid fighter capable of challenging me. Ha!"'


  • You must start from Sifhalla. Kahmu's hints will only trigger at the first Suspicious Markings outside of Sifhalla. If you entered Drakkar Lake from the south, you must still go to Sifhalla's entrance and then start the quest from there.