Order of damage modifiers

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Whenever a character deals damage to another character, various things such as armor, skill effects, and damage reduction can change the amount of damage that would be dealt.


Things that modify damage happen in the following order, from top to bottom:

  1. Life steal/Health loss *
  2. Base weapon damage
  3. Linear elemental damage buffs
  4. Group
    1. Flurry
    2. Dual Shot (assumed)
    3. Triple Shot (assumed)
  5. Armor, armor penetration, character levels and other modifiers. See Damage calculation.
  6. Attack Skill Damage and linear non-elemental damage buffs
  7. Group
    1. Primal Rage
    2. Frenzy
    3. Frenzied Defense
  8. Xinrae's Weapon
  9. Defy Pain
  10. Shield Inscriptions
  11. Dark Escape
  12. Reverse Hex
  13. Shelter
  14. Protective Bond
  15. Group (In order of application)
    1. Life Barrier
    2. Life Bond
    3. Protective Spirit
    4. Lightbringer
  16. "They're on Fire!"
  17. Group
    1. Mantra of Flame
    2. Mantra of Frost (assumed)
    3. Mantra of Lightning (assumed)
    4. Mantra of Earth (assumed)
  18. Mark of Protection
  19. Union
  20. Group (in order of application)
    1. Stoneflesh Aura
    2. Shield of Absorption
    3. Shielding Hands
  21. Group
    1. Reversal of Fortune
    2. Life Sheath


  • Life steal and health loss happen before all other damage, but life steal can be modified by some protective skills.
  • Entries with (assumed) indicate that they have not actually been tested, but that other nearly identical skills performed as such.

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