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Ascalonian ghost m.png
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Prophecies
The Arid Sea map-Rotal Location.JPG
Location in the Arid Sea

Rotal is the husband of Shanrah and has two daughters, Kyrisah and Meymo.


Quests involved in[edit]

Family Soul


"I have spent an eternity swallowed by guilt. Now I only wish for forgiveness."

Rotal's bones

"Why did we come out here? My daughters have grown sicker each day, and nothing I can do will save them. At night I see the gleaming eyes of creatures that wait just outside the firelight for me to fall asleep, so they can feed on my little ones. Their mother, dead these last two weeks, will curse me from her shallow grave, but I have no choice. Tonight the soup will contain enough choke root to put the girls to sleep once and for all. When they are safe once again, I will eat of it myself, for I'll not face the morning without them."


  • Rotal's bleached bones can be found at his location even if you don't have Family Soul active.