Sentimental Treasures

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Sentimental Treasures
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Miller Quang
in Haiju Lagoon
(Shing Jea Island)
Followed by Skin the Snake
Type Secondary quest
Sentimental Treasures.jpg
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Retrieve Miller Quang's old chest.

Quest information[edit]



Miller Quang, a resident of the area, has been keeping a treasure chest of his on a near-by small island. Since the increase of the local Naga population, he has been chased off of the island, and has grown increasingly uncomfortable with leaving his chest there.


  • Find Miller Quang's chest on Yuroso Island.
  • Return the chest to Miller Quang.
  • See Miller Quang for your reward.



Head to the beach north of Zen Daijun and you will see a small island surrounded by Naga. The chest is on this island, at the top of a small ledge. Grab the chest, and kill the Naga if you want; killing the Naga is not required, but is recommended, as they will be attacking you. Return to Miller Quang to get your reward.



  • None






  • NOTE: You will encounter varying numbers of the above foes, depending on the path taken to the island to retrieve Miller Quang's chest.


Initial Dialogue[edit]

Miller Quang
I cannot tell you how nice it is to see some new faces around here. Ever since the Naga population exploded, more and more people have moving out of the area. They keep saying I should go, too. But this is my home and no snakes, however large they be, are going chase me away!
You know ...if you are looking for some work, I could use a little help. You see, before the Naga came, I used to keep some sentimental items in a chest out on Yuroso Island. It's a small island to the northwest. It was great: nice view, nobody around, lots of privacy ... I used to sit there for hours sifting through my old things and thinking of times and friends long gone. Now that the Naga have taken over the island, I have been thinking of bringing my things back here where I can keep a closer eye on them. If you retrieve that Old Chest full of memories for me, I shall give you a little something for your trouble.
Yes Accept: "That sounds easy enough."
No Decline: "I'm scared of snakes."
Ask Ask: "I really do not feel comfortable leaving my old chest on Yuroso Island now that the Naga are there. Please, can you go get it soon?"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Miller Quang
My chest! And it still has all of my precious trinkets in it! I never thought I would see this again!

Reward dialogue[edit]

Miller Quang
Please, take this as a token of my gratitude.


  • On your attempt to retrieve the chest you will probably run into the Naga boss Tin Dao Kaineng, so go prepared for a challenge.
  • If you have completed Winds of Change, no Naga will spawn. However, many groups of stronger enemies (level 24 scavengers) will be present.