Shing Jea Chest

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Shing Jea Chest
Ornate wooden chest.jpg
Type Chest
Campaign Factions

Shing Jea Chests are locked chests found all over Shing Jea Island. These chests can be opened, either by using a Shing Jea key, or by using a lockpick. A Shing Jea Chest will always contain an uncommon (purple) item.

A Shing Jea key can be purchased from any merchant on Shing Jea Island for 80Gold, and are occasionally dropped by foes as well. Additionally, keys can be obtained from the Monastery Quartermaster in Shing Jea Monastery for one Monastery Credit.


  • Using a lockpick, a Shing Jea Chest has a 54% base retention rate.