The Battle of Jahai (cinematic)

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The Battle of Jahai
Plays during The Battle of Jahai
Region Kourna
Location Fortress of Jahai
Campaign Bonus Mission Pack

The Battle of Jahai 1 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic — Joko prepares for a final blow.

The Battle of Jahai 2 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic — Turai stabs Palawa Joko.


Major characters[edit]

  • Unknown Narrator

Minor characters[edit]


Narrator: "Turai Ossa cast Palawa Joko down."
Narrator: "And with Joko's fall, his undead armies were routed."
Narrator: "But though defeated, the undead lord could not be slain."

Narrator: "So Turai Ossa entombed Joko where none would disturb him."
Narrator: "Trapped in darkness, Palawa Joko cursed his prison and his captors."
Narrator: "And most of all, he cursed his defeat at the hands of Turai Ossa, the Champion of Elona."


  • This cinematic makes heavy use of post-processing effects during the "slow-mo" sections, as demonstrated in the screenshots.

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