The Flight North (cinematics)

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The Flight North
Plays during The Flight North
Region Ascalon
Location The Flight North
Campaign Bonus Mission Pack

The Flight North 1 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic 1 — Pillar gives a safe escape for Gwen.

The Flight North 2 cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic 2 — Gwen found her refuge at last.

Cinematic 1[edit]


Cinematic 2[edit]

Major characters[edit]

  • Unknown Narrator

Minor characters[edit]


Narrator: "Gwen found her refuge at last."
Narrator: "She came upon a camp of humans fighting against the Charr"
Narrator: "Though first suspicious, they admitted her into their ranks."

Narrator: "Now Gwen serves as one of the Ebon Vanguard."
Narrator: "Her wounds have healed, but anger still blazes in her heart."

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