The Duke's Daughter

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The Duke's Daughter
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Viggo
in Piken Square
Followed by Althea's Ashes
Type Secondary quest

Investigate what happened to Lady Althea, Duke Barradin's daughter and Prince Rurik's fiancée.

Quest information[edit]



  • Search for signs of Duke Barradin's lost daughter, Althea.
  • Speak to Duke Barradin to claim your reward.



Althea is standing in one of the many possible locations in Diessa Lowlands, at the location of the quest marker. It is possible to keep rezoning from either Grendich Courthouse or Nolani Academy until she is relatively close by. It is not advised to travel to Diessa Lowlands from Piken Square for this quest. Regardless of the spawn point, she is often surrounded by various Charr. Despite this, the player only needs to talk to her to progress the quest. Once spoken to her, players can map travel back to Piken Square.




Initial dialogue[edit]

"Rumor has it the reason we're out here is that the duke's daughter went missing. If the Charr have taken her, they'll be sorry. Althea is Prince Rurik's beloved, and if anything's happened to her, his wrath will be great. Look for any sign of her, and let me know if you find anything."
Yes Accept: "I'll take care of it."
No Decline: "I'm sorry. I have other things I must do."
Ask Ask: "Let me know if you see any sign of Althea. I suspect she's somewhere farther north, else we would have found her by now."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Ghost of Althea
"Do not be afraid. I mean you no harm.
I am Lady Althea. Or at least I was before the Charr seized me. They took me to the Flame Temple Corridor and burned me alive, but I thought of my beloved Rurik and felt no pain."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Duke Barradin
"My poor Althea! I fear my heart will break... Thank you for telling me. I suppose I'm relieved to know the truth, however painful it may be."


  • The Charr awaiting you can be very challenging if you are at a low level.
Bug Bug.Her ghost may spawn inside solid objects, making it impossible to interact with her. Rezone to make her spawn in a different location.


  • Although Lady Althea mentions Prince Rurik, he actually never mentions her after the Searing.