The Geomancer's Test

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The Geomancer's Test
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Kendrick Redstaff
in Serenity Temple
Preceded by The Way of the Geomancer
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Elementalist)
The Geomancer's Test map.jpg
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Take the Scorched Lodestones from the The Way of the Geomancer and bring them to three Earth Shrines. Afterwards, destroy the summoned Stone Golem.

Quest Information[edit]





If you already have 3 Scorched Lodestones from The Way of the Geomancer or random encounters, skip this paragraph. The area outside of Serenity Temple is brimming with Stone Elementals and Hulking Stone Elementals. Spend some time in the area until you receive the necessary 3 Scorched Lodestones.

Now, travel through the Pockmark Flats to the earth shrines. Be careful of stone elemental patrols, there are a lot of patrols and they seem to converge at the earth shrines. Each earth shrine will look like a stone with an inscription and a bowl on the top. When a Scorched Lodestone is placed in each shrine a yellow sphere will glow above the shrine.

Each earth shrine can be found in relation to the massive crater in the northern part of the Pockmark Flats. The first earth shrine is north of the crater, the second shrine is to the west of the crater, and the third shrine is south of the crater.

After all three shrines have a Scorched Lodestone placed within them the Stone Golem will appear to the southeast of the crater. The Stone Golem spawns by itself, but there are several earth elemental patrols around its position. Stone Golem can be seen from the southern earth shrine.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Kendrick Redstaff
"Now then, you may have defeated these lesser elementals, but that was just a preliminary test. Take 3 scorched lodestones to the earth shrines located around the massive crystal in pockmark flats. This will summon a large stone golem. Defeat the golem, and I will teach you some of the secrets of the earth. If you fail, don't bother returning to me.
Will you accept this challenge?"
Yes Accept: "It will hardly be a challenge."
No Decline: "I don't like your attitude."
Ask Ask: "I thought I was clear enough before. How can I make this more simple? You find scorched lodestones on earth elementals. You take them to the 3 earth shrines. You kill the summoned stone golem. You come talk to me when you're all done."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Kendrick Redstaff
"So, you managed to take down the golem after all. Well, I suppose it wasn't the worst attempt that I've ever seen. Very well , I'll teach you something about earth magic."


  • This quest removes a lot of non-elemental foes from the area (primarily the ones that would normally spawn north of the "Pockmark Flats" text label in the World Map), which may or may not make it easier to vanquish.
  • If you have activated the three shrines and leave the instance, the quest will reset and you will have to start again (and find three more Scorched Lodestones).