The Lone Raider

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The Lone Raider
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Elder Olunideh
in Kodlonu Hamlet
Followed by Corsair Invasion
Type Secondary quest
The Lone Raider map.jpg
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Help Rahlon chase down a lone corsair spotted near Kodlonu Hamlet.

Quest information[edit]



  • Meet Rahlon and the village men in Mehtani Keys.
  • Chase down the corsair and stop him before he makes it back to his friends.
  • See Rahlon for your reward.



After accepting the quest, head out into Mehtani Keys and talk to Rahlon. The objective is to kill the Sneaky Corsair waiting on the small island nearby. However, when you approach, he will run away, and if he runs too far the quest will fail. It is difficult to catch the corsair, even with speed boosts and snares, mainly because you will be slowed down by other foes along the way. One of the easiest ways to complete the quest is to cut a wide path around him as shown in the map above and approach from the other side. He will start running towards you, giving you plenty of time to use a snare and kill him. Bringing ranged attackers can help to finish the runner if he slips through your initial attack.

See the Notes section for additional methods.





Humans (Corsairs)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Olunideh

"Did you see him? Rahlon saw a corsair in the fields of Issnur Isles and chased him right through the village! Rahlon is no match for a corsair, especially if that scoundrel has friends nearby. As a Sunspear, it is your duty to protect us. Please meet Rahlon in the Mehtani Keys and help him chase down that man. I can spare a few locals to help you."
Yes Accept: "We must hurry before the corsair gets away!"
No Decline: "Chase down a corsair? Forget it! He's long gone by now."
Ask Ask: "Rahlon is waiting for you in the Mehtani Keys; best hurry before that corsair gets away!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]


"Elder Olunideh sent you? Good, I wouldn't want to face that corsair on my own. He looked like a nasty little man. I'm sure you'll be able to handle him though. He's been sneaking around our village and I'm sure it's not for a good reason. I saw him heading off to the south just a minute ago. If we hurry, we should be able to catch him before he gets back to his ship."

When the Sneaky Corsair begins to move and you have Rahlon as a party ally:

"Hurry! He's getting away!"

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Well, he won't be causing any more trouble, but I wonder if there is more of his kind out here. It doesn't make sense that a scoundrel of that sort'd be alone."


  • Rahlon must survive to complete the quest. The rest of his group is immaterial for this quest.
  • If you don't have a sprint skill, you'll never catch the "Sneaky Corsair". Even if you do, you'll end up fighting the Mandragor that are hidden in the sand, along with other nuisances.
  • You can simply kill the corsair after he reaches his destination if you haven't talked to Rahlon, and then talk to Rahlon (after killing the Sneaky Corsair) to get your reward.
  • Another possibility is to clear the island as mentioned and then station your heroes and henchmen (if any) on a pass which he takes, such as a bridge. The corsair will follow his route and run right to your heroes and henchmen.
  • One last possibility is to again, clear the island as mentioned above, and then go talk to Rahlon (it doesn't really matter if you talk to him or not, really, because of how slow he and his group run). As you approach the Corsair, he'll begin running; just keep after him, and if you haven't equipped any sprint skills, don't worry- just cut as many corners as you can while doing this. You should finally be able to catch him about halfway through the explorable area, and kill him easily, before making your way back to Rahlon for your reward. If you should happen to run right by Rahlon's volunteer group at some point after killing the corsair, you'll notice that, even though they are all standing there, they're perfectly lined up with one another- giving the effect of there being just one man standing there.
  • If Isle of the Dead is active, be careful. A group of undead is near a hidden spawn of enemies on the path the corsair runs.