Trade Relations

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Trade Relations
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Elder Olunideh
in Kodlonu Hamlet
Type Secondary quest
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Quest information[edit]



  • Gather 20 shells on the beaches in Mehtani Keys. You have gathered [0...20] of 20.
  • Give the shells to Elder Olunideh and collect your reward.



Enter Mehtani Keys from Kodlonu Hamlet. After entering the map, walk to the island closest to you. When you reach the island explore it and pick up every shell you find. After clearing the first island you chose, choose another one and explore that the same way you did the first time. There are far more than 20 shells, so don't worry about missing one or two.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Olunideh

"Those Vabbian merchants are a strange sort. They come here with big talk of trade between our people, but are they interested in our crops? No. Instead, they ask about shells. Shells! They're all over the beaches in Mehtani Keys. You just walk the dunes and look down. We never collect them; they're just shells. But that's what the Vabbians want. I need a "starter shipment" of 20 shells. If you gather them for me, I'll give you a share of the profits."
Yes Accept: "Profits sound good. I like those."
No Decline: "Pick up sea shells by the seashore? Sounds like a job better suited to the village children to me."
Ask Ask: "I only need 20 shells to open up trade relations between my clan and Vabbi. There should be some on the beaches in Mehtani Keys."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Olunideh

"I never noticed how beautiful these shells were until someone else attached value to them. Isn't that interesting?"


  • There are approximately 78 shells in Mehtani Keys during this quest.
  • Because you can collect the same shell more than once, you can repeatedly enter and exit Kodlonu Hamlet collecting the shells that are nearby, rather than running around the whole area.
  • This quest can be completed at the same time as Isle of the Dead, by collecting the shells while killing the Ancient Undead in Mehtani Keys.
Anomaly Anomaly. The chat window doesn't display Elder Olunideh taking the shells.