Troubled Lands

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Troubled Lands
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Mirza Veldrunner
in Turai's Procession
Preceded by A Bushel of Trouble
Followed by Ancestral Anguish
Type Secondary quest
Troubled Lands map.jpg
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The corruption from the Sunward Marches is spreading further east, help Mirza Veldrunner find the source, and purify the Tormented Lands using his Sacred Seed.

Quest information[edit]


  • Seek the source of the corruption by defeating and purifying the tormented lands. You have [10...0] more tormented lands to defeat.
  • Defeat and purify the Earthen Abomination.
  • See Mirza Veldrunner for your reward.


Environmental changes[edit]


After accepting the quest, Mirza will drop a Sacred Seed for a party member to carry.

Take the seed and follow the quest pointer into the central area of Turai's Procession where you will see a Tormented Land, defeat the creature and drop the seed on its corpse. You will see a shimmering effect on the ground, and the creature's corpse will disappear as the corruption in it is purified. This process must be performed 10 times in total, once for each Tormented Land that appears.

After defeating 10 Tormented Lands, the final corrupted creature, the Earthen Abomination will appear, as above, slay this creature and drop the seed on its corpse to complete the purifying process.

Finally, return to Mirza and collect your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Mirza Veldrunner
"More terrible news.... The demonic corruption has spread to the nearby lands in the east. They have been touched by an evil more potent that we have ever encountered. Our only hope is to seek out the source of that corruption and purify it before it spreads further. Its existence is putting the Ancestor Tree and the entire village in danger."
"I offer you this seed, a blessed piece of the great Ancestor Tree. Although it may look like nothing more than an ordinary seed, the lifeblood of our pride is encased within. Defeat the tormented lands to the east and drop this sacred seed by their corpses; it will purify them and return them to the ground."
Yes Accept: "I will not return until the lands are purified!"
No Decline: "Magical twigs and purifying corpses? Where do you people come up with this stuff?"
Ask Ask: "Have you found the source of corruption? Seek it in the lands east of here."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Mirza Veldrunner
"The pride is grateful for what you have done. Although one source of corruption is gone, I fear there are others. The roots of this scourge are ancient, perhaps deeper than those of our Ancestor Tree."


  • You can drop the seeds on the bodies in any order, including the boss.
  • Completion of this quest increases the number of foes required to Vanquish the area.