Tormented Land

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Tormented Land
Tormented Land.jpg
Affiliation Kourna wildlife
Type Elemental
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 24 (26)
Campaign Nightfall
"Mud Dragon" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Kekai Kotaki.

Tormented Lands are large creatures made of stone. They are common near the Ancestor Tree in Turai's Procession.



Items dropped[edit]


  • After dying, they will continue to respawn approximately every two minutes until completion of the associated quest.
    • Respawned Tormented Lands will not drop items.
    • You do not have to kill the respawned Lands to complete the quest.
  • To vanquish the area before completing the quest, all 10 of the Lands must be killed at least once, causing Earthen Abomination to spawn, which must also be killed. This is effectively the same as doing the quest.