Unlucky Simon

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Unlucky Simon
Corsair ponytail.jpg
Affiliation Corsairs
Type Human
Level(s) 16
Campaign Nightfall

Unlucky Simon is a known associate of Margrid the Sly. He is also the mission access NPC for the Moddok Crevice mission.



Marga Coast, during For a Price:

"My name isn't a joke, and it isn't funny. I have lost every bet I've ever made, and broken nearly every bone in this frail body more than once. Why do the gods curse me so?"

Moddok Crevice mission outpost:

"What a lucky coincidence we've run into each other again. I see someone told you about the smuggler's route to Vabbi. I'm sure that old man, Dunkoro, would be interested in this passage as well."
Ask Let us make haste to Vabbi!
"When you and Dunkoro are ready to head out, I'll clear the way."
Yes We are ready. (Sent to the mission if Dunkoro is in the party.)
"You'd best take Dunkoro along. The path is convoluted, and if anyone can find his way through, it'll be that old Sunspear." (If Dunkoro is not in the party.)
No We are not ready yet.
Unknown I'll be on my way.


  • If your character followed the Master of Whispers quest line instead of Margrid the Sly's, they wouldn't have encountered Unlucky Simon during the For a Price quest. This would contradict his dialogue in the Moddok Crevice outpost ("What a lucky coincidence we've run into each other again"), since it would actually be the first time your character meets him.